OnePlus 6T set to adopt an in-display fingerprint scanner, OnePlus confirms

We’re still pretty eagerly awaiting a high-end, mainstream device to adopt a fingerprint scanner underneath the screen, and it looks like OnePlus might be the first to bring the tech to the masses. And yes, we know that there have been a couple other manufacturers and devices that have already implemented the in-display sensor, but the OnePlus 6T would mark the first widely available, truly competitive device with it. 

This jump would certainly make the OnePlus 6T feel like a bigger update than the typical “tick tock” pattern we see with the number/numberT models, not even considering some of the other things we’ve heard about the phone. This isn’t a rumor, either, as OnePlus has officially confirmed this feature to CNET.

The scanner is part of OnePlus’s Screen Unlock feature that saves space on the phone while making it even simpler to unlock the device for users. On other OnePlus devices we’ve noted just how fast it is to get past your lock screen with OnePlus’s excellent and speedy facial recognition, so this is sure to make the process that much better.

This does also mean that you’re going to see some slight design changes with the OnePlus 6T, including it being just a bit thicker than the OnePlus 6 and with a rearranged back panel. Regardless, it’s sure to be a great device, and one that you’ll be able to buy in a store, too. I’m just hoping they stick some better speakers in the phone this time around.

source: CNET

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