OnePlus 2 is officially dated, won’t be receiving Nougat

OnePlus has always championed the phrase “Never Settle,” but if you’re still rocking a OnePlus 2, it looks like you’re going to have to settle for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. According to the company’s support team, the OnePlus 2 is now officially a dated device and won’t be receiving anymore software updates, despite being less than two years old.

If you do still have a OnePlus 2, that’s probably a bit of a letdown for a relatively new phone with very capable hardware, but that’s also something that everyone should be wary of when they’re buying top-tier performance at half the cost. OnePlus has to allocate resources as efficiently as possible, and in many cases, software updates for older devices are not the most efficient usage.

OnePlus was silent about the OnePlus X, but considering the similarities in hardware and release windows for the phones, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the smaller flagship get left out in the cold, too.

With all of this being said, OnePlus was pretty open about making their devices pretty friendly to anyone wanting to tinker, so just because it’s officially been cut off from software updates doesn’t mean you won’t still be able to get your Nougat fix with custom ROMs and the like.

source: XDA
via: Phone Arena

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Varun gupta

    My one plus 2 is now 1.5 year old and its battery is now going to dead.. now it has back of only 4 hour in a full charge… Battery was biggest issue in oneplus 2. When i have purchased it then also it gave me back up of only 10 hours.

    • Joseph Mcqueen

      You sure? I have OP2. Been using it constantly for more than 1.5years and I get 7-8 hours without any issue

      • NoamM

        I have same issue as Varun. Battery is sub par, screen is showing burn marks and in general it’s a big let down. I’ll pay a bit more for a more polished device.

        • disqus_25Bz1TScH6

          I wonder if OnePlus will really save money by eliminating updates for its one and one-half year old phone, the OnePlus2.

          I say this because looking at the motto of OnePlus “never settle” the motto is inconsistent with the fact that the company left the OnePlus2 customers out to dry with a relatively new phone that lacks timely updates.

          At this point in time, it is not possible for OnePlus to know the number of former customers they will lose and who will not remain loyal to OnePlus.

          There are a lot of other nice phones out there that are similarly priced as the OnePlus. Many OnePlus customers are already discussing buying new a phone other than the OnePlus.

          OnePlus brought on it own customer loyalty problem.

          • NoamM

            Exactly. Despite the great specs on the new oneplus, honestly I feel as I i’ll be buying another hobbled ferrari. Got a sony xperia XZ for relatively cheap (350$) and could not be happier.

          • Manjunath Kounte

            I agree with you.. I own a Oneplus 2, One of first few customers in Bangalore, India.
            I am completely shocked that OnePlus 2 won’t be getting Android Nougat Update.
            I made sure 3 of my family members and friends cancelled their purchase of OnePlus 5..

          • disqus_25Bz1TScH6

            Good analysis and excellent points.

            It is difficult to understand why a reputable and upcoming company would renege on assumed upgrades.

            Like is already said, it is not possible to measure the future damage (loss of future sales) because of the willful breach of business ethics. Shame on them –

    • Jezza

      I’ve been having a great experience with the phone. My Oneplus 2 still has good enough battery back up. Still no lag!

  • Dil Kumar

    Samsung mid-range Fon 2015 J5 . receiving Android 7 Moto xply received 7.1.1. which were lunch @5.1 …y the hell 1+2 flagship killer wouldn’t???..B4 thinking about 5..plz.think 2ice..