Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better than the Apple iPhone 7

It’s spring. It’s time for a new Galaxy. Samsung just released its 2017 flagship, the Galaxy S8, so now’s when every place you look compares this phone to the competition. Probably the most popular comparison being made is between the Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 7. People love to see how Samsung and Apple’s phones stack up against each other.

We’ll cut right to it: Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is better than the iPhone 7. Today we’re going to tell you why Apple can’t beat Samsung this time around.

Design that actually pushes boundaries

Look at the iPhone 7. Was that a yawn? Sounded like one. That’s because Apple hasn’t changed the iPhone’s design in any noticeable way in almost three years. It’s merely touched little spots here and there. Still, the iPhone 7 is bland. Nothing stands out. Maybe the only unique characteristic is the front’s curve around the perimeter, which other companies having been implementing for much longer. And it’s not even a functional curve like Samsung has.

Pair Apple’s underwhelming design with Samsung’s affinity for innovation and the Galaxy S8 is a marvel to look at. Samsung continues to change the way its phones look and feel. When the Galaxy S6 launched in 2015, the company finally dropped cheap materials like plastic and rubber. But Samsung didn’t stop at implementing metal and glass to make its phones premium. You’re getting a phone that is unlike any other past and present.

From the build quality to the Infinity Display to the size, the Galaxy S8 rises above the iPhone 7. Apple may focus on simplicity, but that doesn’t make it appear like a luxury item. Considering their prices, these phones should radiate luxury. You only get that feeling from Samsung’s 2017 flagship.

That Infinity Display

The Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display is jaw-dropping. Engineers at Samsung were able to maintain a compact body, expand the screen’s size, and spill the edges into the phone’s frame. It all comes together perfectly. The sides spill over into the body, causing your eyes to see no bezel at all. Somehow the phone remains comfortable to hold.

While Samsung slims down the look of its high-end phones, Apple continues disregarding what consumers appreciate in the devices they stare at for hours daily. The iPhone 7’s bezel around the entire display is big. Ugly, too. It doesn’t look like Apple has ever considered shrinking the bezel even above and below the screen where it’s massive. All Apple can say it achieved is the curved glass sitting atop the screen, which isn’t actually an achievement since everyone else can do it. Throw in the fact that Apple’s displays are cold and lacking in resolution, and you can understand why Samsung always claims a victory in smartphone display quality.

No one should argue that Samsung’s displays are the best in the business. It keeps winning DisplayMate’s vote of confidence with every new flagship released. Put aside the curved display and the Galaxy S8’s screen itself still stands as the best. Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology makes for crisp views, deep and vibrant colors, and blinding brightness. It’s way easier to appreciate something so rich after you’ve seen Apple’s cold, boring Retina display on the iPhone 7.

Considering the curves and the technology, Samsung’s Infinity Display is as immersive of a display as you’ll ever find on a mobile device.

Power is present

Before the brigade of Apple fanboys rush toward Talk Android, we recommend everyone goes on YouTube and watches videos of the Galaxy S8 being used. Samsung stripped down TouchWiz, and the optimization for the Snapdragon 835 makes the phone anything but slow and stuttery. It’s 2017. Samsung knows how to make a phone fast.

Specifications don’t tell the entire story of a phone’s performance. We all know that by now. However, the Galaxy S8 bests the iPhone 7 both on paper and in day-to-day tasks. It’s close, and we’re not saying the iPhone 7 is slow. We’re simply pointing out that Samsung’s 2017 flagship can handle more than Apple’s.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 is paired with 4GB of RAM within the Galaxy S8. Apple, on the other hand, uses an in house A10 Fusion processor with 2GB or 3GB of RAM. Finally, Apple realizes it needs more space for random-access memory if multitasking and intense apps are going to run smoothly. We put the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 side-by-side. The results? The Galaxy S8 could get through activities with better load times (albeit not by very much). Again, that’s not to say the iPhone 7 is slow by any means. But we are comparing the two and telling you why Samsung deserves your money. So you have the right to know the efficiency of the processor on Samsung’s side is better. That efficiency even leads to better battery life on the Galaxy S8 than on the iPhone 7.

To add to the enhanced qualities, Samsung gives you fast charging through a widely-supported USB-C port. And you even get to keep the auxiliary port. Apple, however, thinks the Lightning port is an all-in-one solution, which is most certainly is not.

Snap, snap, snap

Cameras are tough. It’s a highly subjective area. We can admit that. And we can acknowledge Apple’s place at the forefront of photography on mobile devices. Well, actually we can’t. They blew the lead. Now multiple companies are breathing down Apple’s neck. Last year Samsung got close to matching Apple, and Google actually burst onto the scene with the Pixel to earn dominance. This year, with the Galaxy S8, Samsung might have the go-to.

Rather than overhauling it, Samsung stuck with something that worked and added to its camera. The formula is similar to before. The Galaxy S8 has a 12MP camera with optical image stabilization, an F/1.7 lens, and phase-detect autofocus that brings in enough light for clear, accurate pictures. Plus, there’s no camera bump. Unlike the iPhone 7’s camera, the Galaxy S8’s is flush with back for a sleek appearance.

Oh, the complaints about the front-facing camera are gone as well. The upgraded 8MP camera facing you, which sits next to an iris scanner, features autofocus. You’ll no longer look like a wax finger in selfies taken on this Samsung phone.

Quality isn’t all that matters, friends. Samsung’s camera app is cleaner and simpler than ever. You get quick access to necessities, and there’s a manual mode available if that’s your type of thing. The iPhone 7 completely lacks a manual mode. So, in addition to being the better choice for straight-up point-and-shoot photos and videos, the Galaxy S8 makes sense for photo-savvy folks. The younger crowd can take advantage of Snapchat-like live filters, too. There’s something for everyone.

Those “Shot on iPhone” ads mean nothing anymore.

It runs Android, duh

We may be just a tiny bit biased about this area. Samsung’s phones run Android. Apple’s phones run iOS. You’re not going to hear us recommend that bland, closed off platform.

Apple doesn’t take any risks whatsoever. Name one thing that they’ve gambled on. Yet there’s no denying Samsung has had its fair share of flops. We just don’t think Apple makes its platform useful for productivity and hasn’t shown signs of trying over the years. There’s way more you can do on an Android phone than an iPhone. One example makes the superiority obvious: Apple still doesn’t have a proper file manager built into iOS.

Samsung, though, does add meaningful pieces to Google’s platform. Samsung Connect, Knox, Samsung Pass, Samsung Health, Samsung Notes, Samsung Pay, and Samsung+ improve the experience on the Galaxy S8. You’ll use them. It’s not like 2014 when Samsung threw things in to say they were there. Look at Samsung Pay. It’s the mobile payments service accepted in more locations anywhere in the world. Building that up and keeping it exclusive to high-end Galaxy devices shows that Samsung is committed to elevating itself as a software company. Apple announces a music streaming service, calls it revolutionary, and causes everyone to wonder what’s so special.

Today there’s Bixby, the digital assistant trying to rise above Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. While we’re not sold on it at the moment, Bixby offers a ton of potential. Needless to say we’ll be monitoring where this risk heads in the coming months. This is the type of gamble that makes Samsung exciting to watch.

The magic of Apple beating everyone is long gone. Samsung is now at the top of the mountain, investing in both new hardware and software ideas that would’ve been hard to believe coming from this company even a few years ago.

What do you think of these phones? Let us know which you prefer, the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Apple iPhone 7, in the comments.

About the Author: Justin Herrick

Born and raised in New Jersey, Justin is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University where he studied marketing with a focus on digital marketing. He's very talkative and enjoys discussing anything from technology and sports to video games and television. As for Justin's current device rotation, he carries around the Google Pixel and Nexus 9. In the rare case that his phone or tablet is not in his hand, he is either flicking through cards on his Moto 360 (2015) or typing away on the Microsoft Surface Book. Justin is patiently waiting for the day that Google replicates the Galaxy Nexus with modern day specifications.

  • Nimso Ny

    These kinds of comparisons are always a good read.

    Honestly it’s crazy the amount of times people try to laugh at me for using Android instead of iOS, yet I receive countless requests for some of the fan games I make to be ported over to the platform that I have to constantly decline because Apple has made it physically impossible! (notice I said fan games, try putting an app on an iPhone without using the app store, it’s disgustingly difficult and not viable at all outside of your own development team)

    I get people who tell me that the iPhone can do everything my phone can do, and they won’t listen to anything I say after making that statement even when the proof is right there in front of them.

    Nowadays whenever someone says ‘show me one thing that makes your phone better’, I simply tell them to move a single app icon on to a new page on their home screen and place it in the center of the page instead of at the top left where the grid begins, then I laugh when they say ‘show me something else’

    I use an LGG4, and it makes even the newest iPhones look incredibly basic!

    • Paladin

      That’s your criteria for a better OS, move an app to the middle of the screen? Wow. I can tell you are really intelligent. Why don’t you tell them how long it will take you to get next years new OS? (and they’ll tell you the new iOS goes to everyone at the same time, even if you have a 5 year old iphone). Why don’t you tell them about your apps in the background that continue to use your data and battery? Why don’t you tell them about how some android apps only work on some android phones, not all of them? (then they’ll tell you that every ios app works on all phones and tablets). This list goes on and on. You need to do more research and find things to tell them that really make a difference.

      • Nimso Ny

        You entirely missed my point.
        I was trying to point out the most simple things that you are completely blocked from doing on iOS.
        I know there’s plenty wrong with it, but like I said most people just completely shut their minds the moment they’ve finished talking, if they show any interest at all in hearing me speak, I give them the simplest of problems, beyond that there’s absolutely no arguing with them, they won’t understand anything I talk about anyways.

        My criteria for a good OS goes way beyond the average user’s needs, I develop apps myself (check the YouTube channel if you’d like, I make plenty of games not just mobile apps) so having something that allows me to work with my own apps for a start is nice enough, Android gives me a truck load more than iOS and that’s from stock, no mods required, it’s always fair to say someone like me would go straight in to modding the phone anyway, but even then a “Jailbroken” iOS is still pretty damn limited in comparison to even stock Android!

        A lot of these arguments are pointless anyways, apps working on only some phones is just a problem with the fact that there are so many Androids, you have about 1 or 2 iPhones a year to choose from, that’s pretty damn easy to support in comparison with what a few hundred a year,
        New updates to your OS is something to look forward to, but that is completely outside of this discussion, we are talking about the current/latest version of the OS available for a phone, if they can’t compare well without a bunch of software updates (an area where both have their own problems trust me) then it means that one is better in the areas being compared.

        Apps running in the background is due to developers making bad choices, and the newer versions of Android allow you to completely prevent this from happening by changing an app’s ability to access certain things, the fact that iOS limits the developers means that it is a more closed off system, which is our point, it blocks you from things that it’s tech is capable of!

        We can both list every reason in a pointless back and forth, but the fact of the matter is, you have to compare the actually usability, at the time that you buy it! If the phone limits you from doing what you bought it for, you’re better off giving the damn thing back!

        • Paladin

          Right… and you missed my point. “that’s pretty damn easy to support in comparison with what a few hundred a year,” it’s much easier to support iphones because they all run the same ios and can run the same apps. And you said, “apps working on only some phones is just a problem with the fact that there are so many Androids,” that was my other point, the fragmentation. you said, “New updates to your OS is something to look forward to, but that is completely outside of this discussion,” No it’s not outside what we are talking about. You were bragging about a little meaningless example of moving an icon to the center of the screen. I’m talking about a much more important thing, something you can’t brag about so you didn’t mention it and now you say it’s not important. This is the whole argument, fella. iOS is better in MAnY ways and getting a new OS every year is one thing you can’t brag about if you have an Android, at least not in a timely manner and only on a few phones. Some as new as one or two years old never see another OS update. Yes, apps running in the background problem… so android is copying apple or is apple being blamed by you for copying android? Apple never had that background problem and now android is trying to keep up. And yes, the iphone 7 and the new G8 are the most current, but you are still comparing a phone that’s almost 8 months old to a phone that had 8 months to look at Apples best and try to compare or beat it it with some feature. Let’s see you do the same comparison when the iphone 8 comes out. Then all the android pundits will complain, “you are comparing the new iphone to samsung that is almost 4 months old… FOUL”

      • CRKT

        Lol dude… You mad or something? iOS is smooth due to the lack of features and simplifications Apple put on it. Can you please show me how to change camera settings in one click? Having a shitload of app settings under settings/apps is just plain stupid.

        And if you missed the PM about crippled iOS updates I’ll bring you up to speed. Every major update of iOS brings new features THAT DOESN’T WORK ON PHONES MORE THEN MAXIMUM OF 1 GENERATION BACK AND VERY LIKELY‚ÄčNOT EVEN THAT. So what Apple does is sending out updates that makes older iPhones slow down to a crawl and just get a new iOS version number and not much more. So with that it of the way it’s safe to say you are a fool if you believe Apple send out full updates to every phone lol

        Android today is so far ahead in tech and functionality proven by the new S8/S8+ pixel and LG g6 and very likely the upcoming Nokia 9 that is really sad to see how far behind Apple are these days…
        Had my brand new S8+ into work today and the biggest Apple lover started at it in disbelief and looked at his iPhone 7 plus and said “wow it sure makes my 7 plus feel ancient, praying Apple will come up with something new” yes I know, anecdotal evidence but his face expression was priceless.

        It’s not that iPhones are bad, they are just, boring with pretty old tech and a speedy processor nobody cares about.
        Outside US not many people care about iPhones these days, iPhone sales drops year after year and iPads(great tablet) having a very steep decline in sales. Don’t believe me? Check Google trends. Just sad reading.

        And Apple having the best computers? Maybe for coffee shop bloggers.
        Apple just make bad/weak/uninspiring/overpriced hardware for people more concerned about branding then people that want/need the best tools available for their professional work.
        Sadly Apple doesn’t cater to professionals these days, is so about squeezing out coin from stupid consumers.
        No wonder companies like Adobe demos and releases new features first for Windows PC’s. Haha!

        I rather buy a HP Z range workstation laptop with pure desktop performance for 1k USD less then the much inferior new MacBook pro (yesteryear’s hardware for next year’s pricing. No thanks) or a surface pro or a surface book or a Dell XPS or… I think you get the point.
        Compare the surface studio with the puck dial and random iMac. None except a die-hard Apple fan would choose the much inferior iMac.
        Mac pro? Hasn’t been updated for over 4 years and serious issues to upgrade and lacking enough ports to be taken seriously by anyone.

        If you read this far I bet your upset and thinking I’ll show that douchebag how angry a TRUE Apple fanboy can get and prepping a lengthy post in rebuttal.

        To that I say to you, don’t waste your time. I won’t read it. I’m just happy I made you read this far and show you an alternative view of the world we all live in.
        It’s just tech stuff, so calm down and don’t burst an artery or something over silly “who’s best” arguments arguing on a site called Talk Android.

        Do yourself a favor and go buy a Galaxy S8+ and step into the winner circle and get a taste of the future.

  • Paladin

    Comparing a 2017 Samsung to a 2016 iphone? Really? That’s the only way samsung can look good. When the iphone 8 comes out this year, samsung will be back in 2nd place again. “name one thing that they’ve (apple) has gambled on”? How about the first true smartphone that every is trying to copy ever since? How about the best computer on the market bar none? How about the best tablet on the market, bar none? (while sales of android tablets have plummeted to the lowest depths imaginable, the ipad is still selling like hotcakes). Get off your high horse. Apple has samsung and especially the fragmented android beat hands-down.

    • Justin_Herrick

      It’s a valid comparison. They’re the biggest rivals in the mobile industry, and their phones are what most consumers will buy. We all know comparisons between the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 will come later this year. You’re not pointing out anything new.

      I agree about the iPad being the best tablet on the market, which is seeing sharp declines in sales mind you. Saying their computers are the best, however, is incorrect. Plenty of viable alternatives exist.

      By the way… Android’s fragmentation has little to do with this post. The Galaxy S8 runs Nougat. That’s the latest version of Android. There’s no problem with the Galaxy S8’s software.

      • Paladin

        fragmentation has everything to do with a comparison. and for you pundits that say apple never comes up with anything new, don’t forget that apple was the first to drop the floppy disc, the first to drop the DVD player, one of the first to drop that ridiculous mini stereo plug (but the first to catch hell for it) and everything they do, the next year or two becomes the industry standard. And for the author of his article, the lightening port does everything.

        • Justin_Herrick

          Hi, I’m the writer in the byline of this opinion piece.

          All of the things you just named are not even from the twenty-first century. And, whether you like it or not, there was (and still is) a ton of backlash against companies removing the auxiliary port. The lightning port is not a wise solution right now.

          Not even going to address the fragmentation comment because, again, it has nothing to do with this post. You’re bringing up something unrelated that’s a waste of time to address here.

        • Darko

          Yes they drop it and we still miss it! They even dropped Lan connection!!!! Now we have to purchase external readers, external dangles and external…..
          May bag with lap top is heavier and heavier with each new model :-(
          The worse thing they dropped RAM!!!! As I wrote in reply earlier – have to use virtual machines. Who thinks that 16 GB is too much in 2017?????

        • Zomby2D

          So to you, doing “something new” is actually removing features. And FYI, they weren’t the first to do any of these. Dropping the audio jack, for example, was already a trend in other low-end handsets.

          Try to plug a USB drive in your lightning port to transerf files to your phone, then come tell me again how it does everything.

    • Zomby2D

      The iPhone 7 is the latest and greatest from Apple so it’s a valid comparison. Their releases are about 6 months apart, just like the S8 and iPhone8 will be when the latter will eventually come out. At that point, yes, the comparison will the between those two phones.

      There are tons of computer on the market which are better than Apple’s offering, but they still domincate the tablet market. I’ll give you that one. Still, Apple hasn’t gambled on anything in a very long while. They’re just playing it safe, copying whatever works in their competitor’s devices.

      And while the first iPhone was a big evolutionary step from the other available touch screen smartphones at the time, for years now they have simply been one of the many available options and no longer at the forefront.

      • Paladin

        “There are tons of computer on the market which are better than Apple’s offering”???? name ONE. All you have is Windows, Linux (which is what Apple runs), and chromebook. Basically all you have in the masses to compare to is Windows and Windows has so many problems and is so much harder to maintain and run than OSX that I’ve switched all my older-generation friends over to OSX because it’s easier to run, doesn’t get viruses (so they don’t have to run an antivirus program in the background, or pay for one every year) and isn’t getting updates every day like Windows. I was a Windows IT for 20 years and I gave up and went to a more stable system.

        And you are saying Apple does nothing new? Does anyone else? Every thing apple comes up with, Samsung copies the next year or tries to improve on the same idea, or everything Samsung comes up with, Apple tries to copy. It’s back and forth. Who did away with the home button and put a haptic feedback spot on the screen first? Who will be the first to put a fingerprint scanner on the screen? It’s obvious you don’t follow ios at all or you’d have better information. Except for apples close control over their OS (which is what makes it the best), theres little you can fault the iphone for. The only thing that might matter to some people is customization of the screen, but that’s the only field that android is better at. While the OS of both will run more apps than you possibly use, the fact that you get a now OS every year with iphone, it runs smoother and faster than anything else on market, there is no fragmentation where some androids suddenly start developing problems while others don’t (have you heard of the Pixel?), everything is integrated better on IOS, it’s easier to get pictures from my iphone to my computer, it’s better integrated with my apple computer than my androids, overall it’s a lot more stable platform, it was first so it had a head start on the number of apps you could get (android finally surpassed that number because of the sheer number of phones produced by dozens of manufacturers, none of which can agree on any kind of standardization )(back to fragmentation, the worst part of android). Besides moving an icon around on the screen, show me one thing android can do better than the iphone. Show me an android that gets a new OS every year as soon as it’s released? Show me an android that continues to get updates after 2 or 3 years.

        • Justin_Herrick

          Not saying Windows is the best operating system, but it’s not bad at all like you’re making it out to be.

          Regarding software updates, these ‘older’ devices have all received Nougat:
          – HTC One M9 (released in April 2015)
          – HTC One A9 (released in October 2015)
          – Nexus 6, Nexus 9 (released in November 2014)
          – Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P (released in September 2015)
          – Samsung Galaxy S6 (released in April 2015)
          – Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (released August 2015)
          – Sony Xperia Z3+ (released in April 2015)
          – Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet (released in April 2015)
          – NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet (released in July 2014)

          And smartwatches from 2015 are getting Android Wear 2.0 as well.

          This is not the Android that you and others bashed 4-5 years ago. Time to get a new argument going.

        • Zomby2D

          You’re complaining that PCs only have Windows and Linux (which has nothing to do with MacOS beside the fact that both OSes are based on Unix), yet you have even less choice on a Mac as the only single OS they comes with is MacOS which can run a lot less software. (Especially if you’re into gaming) And which, BTW, can get viruses as well. I’ve known a few people who learned it the hard way after boasting how they didn’t need an antivirus software ont heir Mac. All OSes have ther good and bad sides, to me the plus of Windows outweight the negatives by a landslide.

          There’s been very little from Apple in the last few years that wasn’t a feature copied from a competitor. Google did away with the home button years ago. Haptic feedback was part of the Android OS since 2009 as well, and not limited to the home button unlike with iOS. Android was also the first to support pressure-sensitive touch in 2009, but Apple was the first manufacturer to actually use it. As for the on-screen fingerprint scanner, Samsung ended up removing it from the S8 because the technology wasn’t reliable enough, but it might come back on the Note 8 in a few months. As for Apple, no one knows for sure whether it will actually be part of the iPhone 8 this year on in a subsequent year. It’s obvious you don’t follow technology or you’d have better information.

          There a boatload of things Android is better at than the closed off iOS. Beside of the obvious customization capabilities, there’s the fact that you can use wigdets on the home screen (some of them improse the usability of the phone by a lot), you can install apps from any source and not just whatever Apple decided it was okay for you to have (and spare me the jailbreak talk, you shouldn’t have to hack into your phone to do basic things), you can actually choose which app will display content (like opening web links with Firefox), you can plug in a usb drive into your usb port and transfer files to and from the phone with an actual access to the file system, you can use nfc to start a bluetooth file transfer between 2 phones, it’s much easier to transfer music and pictures to and from your PC (plug-in, drag and drop, done), and you can choose the device that fits your need from a plethora of manufacturers instead of being locked down into the same bland experience year after year because you’re so entrenched in an echosystem that a single manufacturer offers. And these are just a small sample of all the things that Android does better than iOS. And while iOs might be better integrated with other Apple products, it’s really a pain to use with anything non-Apple.

          And as far as fragmentation goes, as a software developer I’ve had more issues with fragmentation on iOS than on Android. Like Windows, Android was designed from the groud up to support a plethora of devices with various capabilities so it actually provides you with the tool to have your app adapt to the phone. iOS on the other hand requires you to build lookup tables with models and OS versions because parts of apps have to be rewritten if they introduce things like a new screen resolution and while every recent model gets the software updates, Apple artificially locks some features out of the older devices as an incentive to get people to upgrade to a newer device. (And they often cripple performance to a point that you’d rather not get the updates at all.) So yes, Apple might be faster with update beign both the manufacturer and the developer but Google’s phones are updated just as fast since they’re in the same boat. Other manufaturers can could certainly do much better in that area. Although, to be honest, the large majority of users on both platforms don’t really care that much about updates in the first place. It’s mostly us techheads who really look forward to these updates.

          Also, on the subject of updates breaking stuff, I’ve seen countless iPhone users have features stop working after an update. Heck my parents to this day still can’t use their bluetooth home headsets because an iPhone update broke the bluetooth stack last year and no subsequent update, and even sending the phone back to Apple for repair, fixed anything. (And the iPhone was bought specifically for that purpose.) Outside of the bluetooth issues, iOS updates have been known to break TouchID, screw up screen brightness, degrade Wifi performance, and a whole lot of other problems. And that’s from a company who only have a handful of devices to support.

  • http://www.bloggingtriggers.com/ MANOJ

    Hope Samsung have learned from previous mistakes. But iPhone is my favorite. We can wait and watch to know how Galaxy S8 works.

  • Grainge

    Justin sounds like a cock and aswell as a samsung employee. I don’t own an iphone or a samdung , but i wouldnt want to have to carry around a fire extinguisher either.

    • Justin_Herrick

      Insults don’t get you anywhere. If anything, they’ll just get you banned from leaving comments in the future.

      And, unfortunately, Samsung does not pay my bills. You clicking on the post and leaving a comment does. Thanks!

  • Nimso Ny

    What CRKT is trying to say is nothing to do with Samsung or the S8 itself; I personally really don’t like Samsungs at all, but if I was forced to choose between a Samsung or an Apple, I’d take the Samsung.

    It’s always very easy to point out one phone having problems with the screen or whatever, my 2560×1440 IPS monitor had red streaks going through the screen 3 weeks after I bought it, it was just a faulty one, I had it returned and have been using it for months and it’s amazing.

    You need to look at phones based on their actual functionality, usability and overall beauty, not just the name plastered all over the place.

    There’s no point fan-boying over anything, because it usually results in you getting ripped off by extortionate prices.
    I honestly have no problem with Apple devices, the two real issues related to them is firstly that I literally could not ever use one as my personal device because the entire iOS system limits me from doing absolutely everything I want to do, and secondly the damn fanbase is almost as bad as the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase.

    When something that you’re passionate about is bad, or lacking… Make it be known that you don’t want it how it is and that it could be much better!