Bluetooth 5.0 now available with better speed, range and less wireless interference


Bluetooth 5.0 was announced way back in June, but now Bluetooth SIG has officially adopted the latest Bluetooth specification (version 5.0). In other words, we should start seeing devices launch with Bluetooth 5, probably sometime next year.

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There aren’t any major things that come with Bluetooth 5.0, but it does bring a lot of improvements to the table. For example, improvements to Bluetooth Low Energy brings two times the speed, four times the range and eight times the broadcast message capacity.

From Bluetooth SIG:

“Key feature updates include four times range, two times speed, and eight times broadcast message capacity. Longer range powers whole home and building coverage, for more robust and reliable connections. Higher speed enables more responsive, high-performance devices. Increased broadcast message size increases the data sent for improved and more context relevant solutions.”

With the launch of Bluetooth 5, there’s improvements across the board, but it seems to be focused on creating more opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) or smart home devices.

Another clear advantage Bluetooth 5 has over previous versions is that there’s been a significant reduction in wireless interference with other wireless technologies. As you can imagine, that’ll be extremely useful in the use of smart home gadgets.

You can expect to start seeing devices launch with Bluetooth 5 onboard in the next two to six months.

source: Bluetooth

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