Lenovo will launch at least 12 new Moto Mods in 2017


It looks like Lenovo is planning to continue pushing Moto Mods for its Moto Z line of devices pretty hard. According to CNET, Lenovo executives told a group of journalists this week that they are planning to launch at least 12 Moto Mods next year.

Of course, there were no details given on what those would be just yet. But, Lenovo is experimenting with a bunch of different ideas that we’ll probably begin seeing starting in the Spring.

From John Touvannas, Lenovo’s Moto Mods lead:

“Our goal is to get more Mods out this year than we did last year, no question.”

Truth be told, Lenovo has already done a stellar job at offering new Moto Mods after the Moto Z, Moto Z Play and Moto Z Force all went to market. We’ve already seen the Hasselblad camera attachment. Not only that, but the new Incipio Car Dock mod and the Mophie battery pack mod are launching this week.

It’s neat to see this level of after-launch support for Moto Mods when you consider that we have yet to see any other modules from LG for the LG G5. Supporting that ecosystem is imperative to turning this module idea into something more than just a niche, and with the 12 Moto Mods Lenovo plans on releasing next year, they’re on the right track.

source: CNET

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