‘Pokémon Go’ will be at the center of next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday

Pokemon_Go-TA (3)

It goes without saying, Pokémon Go is the biggest Android game launch of the year so far. And many are capitalizing off of its success, including T-Mobile. Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday will be all about Pokémon Go, according to an announcement from the carrier. T-Mobile will be offering free data to Pokémon Go players and many other rewards.

This Tuesday, T-Mobile will be giving out free unlimited data for Pokémon Go for up to a full year. Not only that, but the carrier is offering up $15 credit in Lyft rides to get to a new PokéStop (or anywhere you want to go, really), a free Wendy’s frosty to fuel up, as well as 50% off on accessories from the T-Mobile store.


If that wasn’t exciting enough, 250 people will be able to win $100 worth of PokéCoins and five people will win a Pokémon Go hunting trip anywhere in the US for themselves and a friend.

T-Mobile Tuesdays has had some interesting hiccups since the application first launched, so hopefully we won’t see the same thing, particularly with all of the excitement around Pokémon Go. With the game breaking records and becoming a social media craze, seeing the T-Mobile Tuesdays application crash again wouldn’t be surprising.

These offers will be visible on the T-Mobile Tuesdays application on Android and iOS starting on July 19. Be sure to be on the look out!

source: T-Mobile

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