Apple is preparing iMessage for Android, launch June 13 possible

iPhone 5 with iOS 7

The day that millions of people around the world have been waiting years for could finally be here on Monday, June 13. It’s being claimed by MacNewsDaily that Apple will launch iMessage for Android on that day at its keynote during WWDC 2016 in San Francisco.


Apple launched iMessage five years ago as an instant messenger service connecting everyone with an iOS device. Then, less than one year after its launch, iMessage came to OS X to fully connect everyone with Apple-made hardware. iMessage quickly climbed to the top as Apple’s ability to sell hardware in a high volume built a strong user base. As of February, the company said over 200,000 messages per second were being sent.

There’s just one thing that has always disappointed iMessage users: those green chat bubbles. Whenever someone without iMessage sends them a message, they’re greeted with a green chat bubble rather than the blue one which signifies iMessage-to-iMessage communication.

Now it looks like us Android folks will gain access to the exclusive service, turning their dreaded green chat bubbles into friendly blue notes.

MacNewsDaily, based on information provided by a source familiar with Apple’s plans, says “plans are constantly in flux leading up to Apple keynotes and the timing of the announcement could change, but that the iMessage instant messenger service would ‘definitely’ be coming to Android this year.”


It’s just not clear if this is something those with Android devices really want or care about anymore. Traditional messaging works pretty well, and a mountain of competing instant messenger services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger exist. Then there are the various Google-made options out there — Hangouts, Google Messenger (which isn’t an instant messenger service), Google Spaces, and Allo. Without question, iMessage would get the people disappointed with what Google has provided so far.

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What we do know for sure is that having iMessage for Android will make it way easier for people wanting jump ship from Apple’s ecosystem. People don’t want to lose the simplicity and trust that this product holds, but the bigger source of hesitation is the status symbol. If you talk to existing iPhone owners, you’ll learn that they love iMessage and view those green chat bubbles as a sign of inferiority. Well, that could all be changing soon.

iMessage would join Move to iOS, Beats Pill+, and Apple Music as apps from Apple living in Google’s Play Store.

Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote will be live from the Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 13 at 1:00PM ET.

Source: MacNewsDaily

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  • UKTK8

    Wow, this is pretty big news! If Google didn’t suck so much at messaging apps, Apple wouldn’t need to do this.

    • Justin_Herrick

      Why would Apple need to do this because of Google’s lack of success in messaging? Explain yourself!

  • UstillUseAniPhone?

    Do iPhone users realize the iPhone status symbol today says “I dont follow smartphones and get confused easy”?

    • OlayTerry

      You mean confused “easily”

      • LIDevilsfan

        He was confused

        • UstillUseAniPhone?


  • DC_Guy

    My prayers might finally be answered! lol

  • Huh

    This mean we’ll see FaceTime as well?

  • Darkcobalt

    This won’t help those of us on a Windows platform. What I want to see is Google create Windows and OSX desktop chat apps that integrate 100% with Android SMS/Chat. Right now when I text with people on iOS they can reply to me on their iOS device or on their laptop. This makes it hugely convenient for them.

    The workflow needs to look like this:

    Android text to another Android device arrives in a unified Chat/SMS app.
    That same Chat/App needs a desktop equivalent on Windows and OSX, not just a web enabled “Gtalk” type experience.
    That same Chat/App needs to also integrate with the Gmail/Gtalk chat client.
    People sending and receiving text/chat will communicate seamlessly, including if I reply to someone on my desktop who originally messaged me via text.

    WhatsApp Web comes close to being helpful but it too is a web app.

    The above is exactly how seamless the iMessage experience is.

  • fredphoesh

    PAH, get lost Apple Corporation.