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Everbadge, A Social Network For All Things Android

If you thought Facebook and Twitter were all the craze lately, well, then, you’re right.  However, there is a rapidly growing mobile social network site that is putting a slight twist on things, and that is, they are gearing it towards Android users and developers.  I recently had the pleasure of signing up for Everbadge, by and instantly had easy access to innumerable amounts of badges, wallpapers, tons of games and apps along with some pretty laid back Android folk.  The site touts a free and easy environment for developers to showcase their newly developed apps.  You can also meet new people and decide to follow or chat with them, exchange ideas, or just flat out argue over which Android device is better.  

You can create a profile and upload your own mug shot or use one of their free Avatars.  The site, to date, touts over 97,000 members and offers over 9,000 plus gaming wallpapers for your device.  So, if you’re ready to try something new and grab a few new Android friends along the way, or if you’re a developer and you want to expand your fan base with a new app or idea, then head on over to Everbadge and sign up for free.  In addition, there is a free app on the Android Market for you to keep track of things like friends, chats, news, reviews, forums, followers, wallpapers and more.  Head on over to our apps database for more info and to check out some screen shots.  Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what you think.

  • PacoBell

    I dunno. The name “Everbadge” doesn’t exactly scream, or even hint, at being Android-related. Cool site, nevertheless.

  • MDSanta

    I’d have to agree with Mr. Pacobell there. I don’t see an android twist in there at all, other than them having an android badge. It seems they are pushing “badges” more than android and I am not sure I like the whole pay for silly premium features, especially so early in their game.

  • Aces-High

    great app for wallpapers.. mass selection and paying for premium is completely optional… alot of great gamers on this app fun to see whats a great game coming out or already out