Here’s how you can stream the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs


The NFL Playoffs are starting with games this Saturday and Sunday, two days in which you might not be able to sit in front of a television and watch. Wherever you are (assuming that’s in the United States), you’ll be able to stream the weekend’s slate of action between eight of the league’s top teams.

We’re telling you how to stream all four games of the Wild Card round.

  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texas (4:35PM ET on Saturday, January 9)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals (8:15PM ET on Saturday, January 9)
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings (1:05PM ET on Sunday, January 10)
  • Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins (4:40PM ET on Sunday, January 10)

Although the options are vast, all of these (except CBS’) require television provider credentials. So you’ll need an active account with a television provider to successfully log in and stream games. TuneIn is probably you’re best bet if you can’t be in front of a television and lack an account with a television provider. The audio streaming service signed a deal back in October to give TuneIn Premium subscribers radio feeds to each and every NFL game. Just fork over $7.99 per month to enter and TuneIn will also give you MLB and Barclays Premier League games in addition to free NHL games.

People outside of the United States can purchase NFL Game Pass to stream the games internationally.

Have any picks to win this weekend? Tell us in the comments section below. We’ll see if you’re a real NFL Nostradamus.

Source: NFL

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