Fitbit is being sued for not accurately tracking heart rates


Planning on using your Fitbit to track your fitness? Think again, Fitbit is being sued for not tracking accurately enough. Its heart rate monitoring to be specific is said to be way off from real results.

They are being sued for false advertising, stating that not having accurate tracking could possibly be dangerous to a person’s health. The plaintiffs show multiple cases where people try to get their heart rate higher than what their Fitbit showed, but in reality their heart was already pumping at high beats per minute. In one case the Fitbit read 82 bpm when the real heart rate was 160 bpm. Users would think they were fine, but actually be in danger of working out too hard for too long.

Fitbit has said the claims are false and their products work as advertised. However, also noting that the package clearly says they are not medical devices.

Source: Lawsuit
Via: Engadget