Google’s updated Chromecast app is live in the Play Store

google chromecast

Google’s completely revamped Chromecast app is already live in the Play Store just hours after announcement. The app works with the newer iteration of Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio device that the company announced today, and it’s got a few extra features worth taking advantage of.

The biggest change you’ll see is the redesigned interface that goes hand in hand with Google’s newer vision of mobile operating systems. It’s clean and takes many of its cues from the Material Design guidelines that Google introduced with Android 5.0. There’s also a new section for browsing Chromecast-enabled apps which works significantly better than what was previously available, and cards with detailed information about devices, rooms, and content are everywhere.

The new app also has its own set of media control buttons, so you won’t need to jump into the Netflix or Play Music app to stop or skip episodes or songs. Pretty nifty. It also supports Facebook photos for Chromecast’s backdrop feature, so you’ll see your own photos instead of just the pre-supplied nature shots and the like.

Hit the link below to grab the update.

Play Store Download Link


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