This is the back of the Nexus 5 (2015)


Another Nexus device will be produced by LG, the company’s third to be exact, and the handset could be coming as soon as September 29 with its price set at $400. Being that the aforementioned date is only a few weeks away, leaks are bound to happen more frequently. Specifications for the upcoming Nexus 5 (2015) have already been shared, showing that Google will start this round of Nexus devices with a phone that is not exactly a flagship but still has pretty good components. Consumers looking for that high-end Nexus phone will have to wait for a possible beast from Huawei.

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The image above, obtained by AndroidPIT and verified by Android Police, shows the rear of the new Nexus 5. So what can we take away from it? The camera, which is said to be 12.3MP, protrudes from the back and is paired with dual-LED and laser auto-focus. Directly below the camera is a fingerprint scanner. Being that Android Pay is coming and Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduces fingerprint authentication, Google was bound to include the technology with its Nexus hardware.

And the final thing to note about the image is that Google is sticking with vertical Nexus logos.

Overall, the Nexus 5 (2015) looks like a compact device. This new Nexus phone is said to have a 5.2-inch Full HD (1920×1080) display. It’s nice to see Google paying attention to those that want a device with a smaller screen.

Source: AndroidPIT
Via: Android Police

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  • Bardo

    it’s 12mp, but can we assume that since it required a protrusion that the sensor size is actually a bit larger than the standard 1/6″? I’d take a smaller pixel count for a larger sensor size on a camera-phone any day.

  • bender

    seriously? “this is the back of the nexus 5 (2015)” with a picture of a nexus 4?

    • Luis

      Scroll down maybe? Not that hard to do.

      • Leon Nat

        Click bait much

  • Goos

    Why Nexus 5 is not exactly a flagship ?
    Because of Snapdragon 808 instead of the overheating 810 ?
    The performance difference is less than 5%.

    • Luis

      Compared to other phones, I assume. Display, processor, and camera all not on the same level as Samsung, LG, Motorola flagships.