Amazon lays off some of its engineers following Fire Phone disaster

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Things aren’t looking good for Amazon right now. The company has recently laid off dozens of its engineers that helped with development for its Fire Phone. In addition, Amazon says they are slowing some of their ongoing experiential projects.

The Silicon Valley-based Lab126 will remain working on projects involving its Echo digital assistant and the connected home. The company has decided to kill off some of their older projects in hope to focus more on the bigger ones. Following the Fire Phone disaster, the company has decided to lay off some its engineers that helped with development of the unsuccessful smartphone. Going forward, Amazon’s smartphone projects will be moved to a new location in Seattle, Washington. According to WSJ, the company won’t go away with its smartphone plans entirely, but has “stretched out its timeline.”

Amazon’s ultimate goal with electronics has been to lure in consumers to Amazon’s online store. The company wants to focus on bigger things going forward and is planning major cutting costs in the near future.

Source: Wall Street Journal

  • Shiva

    Amazon fire phones, tv, kindles suck because of proprietary os lack compatibility with standard android apps, no sdcard support.