Sony launches wireless charging plate and cover case for Xperia Z2


We are all sick and tired of having so many wires in our house. Luckily, many Android manufacturers believe in wireless charging methods. Sony is no different and has launched two accessories for the Xperia Z2 for owners in pursuit of a wireless life. The company now has a wireless charging plate and cover case. The wireless charging standard chosen by Sony is Qi.

The cover case protects the phone and allows it to be used on any Qi wireless charging plate. It even includes a kickstand for some hands-free viewing. The plate is quite simple: put the get the Xperia Z2 in its cover case and put it on the system to start charging. And even if you do not have a Xperia Z2, the wireless charging plate will work with any Qi-enabled device.

No word yet on pricing and a release date.

Source: Sony [Wireless Charging Plate WCH10] [Wireless Charging Cover WCR12]

  • gohoh

    Still the charging plate needs a wire…

  • Pete Haigh

    Do I need the cover case for my z2 for the wireless charger to work