Google could soon be offering WiFi service to all cities with Google Fiber


Google Fiber has certainly been generating some hype with its free and low-cost internet packages. In a recent document that was circulated to the next 34 cities slated to receive the service in 2015, Google hinted that there may be plans to roll out WiFi services to those cities in addition to wired fiber connections.

While Google didn’t get specific with any details, they certainly alluded to wireless services that would go above and beyond their fiber connections. While Google is already a strong competitor in the limited areas of service, this could be a game changer for companies trying to compete.

Offering basic broadband speeds free of charge, 1Gbps for $70 per month, and an additional TV package for $120 per month, Google is undercutting the competition significantly, making these possible WiFi services much more important.

The report that was sent to the possible candidates also asks for detailed information regarding addresses, building structures, and various outdoor obstacles like utility poles and manholes. The cities have until May 1st to respond to Google if they still wish to be considered for the service.

Additionally, Google is looking for the cities to provide information regarding possible locations for a number of “huts” that could be in place for up to 20 years. The huts will house all of the required equipment for the network, sending lines via utility poles and pre-existing fiber ducts.

Once all of the required information has been obtained, Google will then decide which sites to move forward on. So while there is no concrete information on the rumored WiFi services, the company is expected to update Google Fiber plans by the end of the year.

source: Computerworld

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  • rainman

    I would be more impressed by Google if they ofered a way to get high speed Internet to those that dont have any service or have limited services instead of only to those that have current options (albiet expensive)