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Next Full Moon? Sundroid will tell you

Sundroid for Android

If you’re like me, this time of year can be painful to the eyes when driving due to the sunrise and sunset getting closer together. When I go to work, the sun is right in my eyes, when I go home, the sun is in my eyes…frustrating.

Sundroid is an app for Android devices that will use your GPS or Wi-Fi connection to locate your sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonfall each day as well as twilight times, lunar calendar and home screen widget (last 3 included in Premium paid app) This can be useful to track when a good time to drive may be, or just knowing when the next full moon is helping you avoid strange people in the streets.

The Sundroid app is free in the Android Market, or $2 for the Premium version.

Scan the QR below

Sunroid QR code

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[via lifehacker]