HTC One Heading to Canada on Apr 19th and Australia on Apr 23rd

HTC One_Silver

Recent reports from service providers in Canada and Australia revealed release dates for the HTC One are just around the corner. Canadian and Australian subscribers can expect to see the handsets in their areas on Apr 19th and 23rd respectively. Although pricing has not yet been released, buyers can expect to pay a slightly broader price range than those being charged in the US .

We are still waiting for updated release dates for Europe, and should expect to hear announcements trickle out from that region over the next few weeks.

Hit the break for the announcements.


Telus: Release on April 19th. Pricing details have not been made available at this time.  Pre-sales to begin in the coming days.

Rogers:  Sales will start on April 19th for $149.99 with a three-year contract.  Starting today, new and existing customers can reserve or pre-order the HTC One online.


Telstra: Release on Apr 19th. Will cost $10 month (a total of $240) when paired with a $60 monthly plan on a 2-year contract. Purchasing off-contract will set customers back $768. Pre-orders prior to retail launch day will land buyers a free set of Beats Solo headphones.

Optus: Available on Apr 23rd. Price with a 2-year contract will be a mere $3 per month (a total of $72) with $60 monthly service plans.  Pre-orders set to start April 5th.

Vodafone: Available on Apr 23rd. Price with a 2-year contract will match competitors at $3 per month (a total of $72) with $60 monthly service plans. They are also offering up Beats Solo headphones free with pre-orders prior to launch date.

Virgin Mobile:  Available Apr 23rd for $59/month on a 2-year contract with $3 monthly handset payment. Customers will be able to pre-order up until the retail launch date.

Source: HTC Source