Google’s LTE-equipped Chromebook Pixel to start shipping April 8th


Last month when Google announced the new Chromebook Pixel, they promised an LTE equipped model would be available in April. Google is on track to live up to that promise as they have updated the Play Store order page for the top of the line Pixel laptop. Priced at $1,449 for the LTE version, Google indicates units will ship by April 8th. Compared to the WiFi only version, the upgraded version has LTE service provided by Verizon and more memory, tilting the scales at 64GB available. The wireless plan provided by Verizon is included for two years for no additional cost and includes 100 MB/month of data service, with options available to upgrade to more robust plans.

To get more information or place your order, hit the source link.

source: Google Play Store

  • mbalax

    100Mb per month, how would you ever get tgrough that?

  • steve nash

    100 mb free? aww, how over the top awesome of them to let me watch half a YouTube video for free