Android to outpace Apple to 1 million available apps by June 2013

Back in the day, people used to talk about app numbers a lot. The Android platform was constantly attacked for having less available apps than iOS and thus, they’d say, iOS was a better platform. As Android adoption sped up, so did app development, and today we see that both Android and iOS have more apps than we even need. All of the major products and companies have great apps for both platforms, so its really not a numbers game anymore, but people still like to play that game, so let’s play:

Just a few months ago, Google announced that it had crossed the 700,000 apps threshold and more recently we’ve heard that the Mountain View company is only a few thousand apps away from the number that’s available in iOS’ App Store. According to a new report by The Sociable, Android app development is outpacing iOS and Google is expected to reach the 1 million app milestone before Apple does. That would be an exciting and unexpected turn of events for our favorite underdog. Really though, app numbers don’t matter as much as app quality, and in the arena of app quality iOS has had Android beat for years. Thankfully Android developers have begun stepping it up recently, and things will only continue to get better. For some examples of great Android apps, check out our most beautiful apps list. Then sit back and wait to see who crosses the 1 million app finish line first (probably Android in June 2013 if the reports are anything to go by).

Source: Venture Beat

About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.

  • Nudo

    iOS has a higher crash rate than android. There are some articles about this somewhere. Not sure if that’s worth mentioning in regards to quality standards but I would assume so :)

  • ayasin

    Raw app count is almost meaningless at this point. There’s an app for just about anything you want to do on either platform. That said, I’m still waiting for an app as good as Notability on Android so I can get rid of my iPad in favor of an Android tablet. Unfortunately all the note taking apps I’ve seen so far aren’t even close.