Galaxy S IV Rumored To Launch In April With S Pen


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the best phones of 2012… OK, done. Now we’re free to drool over look at what’s coming in 2013. The latest Samsung Galaxy S IV rumor says it will be released in April equipped with Galaxy Note II-like S Pen functionality. This may explain why early leaks have suggested the phone will be bigger (up from 4.8-inch to a 5-inch display) and slightly thicker (from 8.6mm to 9.2mm). It doesn’t, however, explain why we always use imperial measurements for screen size and metric for thickness. From what we’ve seen so far the S IV is shaping up to to be a worthy successor to the S III. The rumored 2GHz quad-core processor will pack quite a punch, especially if it incorporates the big.LITTLE architecture Samsung  has been working on.

Source: Enuri

About the Author: Rudy Rivapalacio

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  • yarrellray

    This sounds great.

  • Remo J Gutierrez

    Do your thing Samsung!!

  • Remo J Gutierrez

    Coming from the S2 which I still own on Sprint, just ACTIVATED my N4 with that one evil company (holy hell I thought my monthly plan, $106, would be less, from 4.3″, to 4.7″… ahh hell I’m am in deep, plus paying for my nephews I Phone 5 on Verizon… lost my train of thought, I love you LG.. and… Love you Samsung. I’m buzzing.

  • Hector Hugo Alpizar Cesena

    I’m still saving for Samsung S III :S

  • Remo J Gutierrez

    Contrary to popular belief SIZE DOES NOT MATTER, unless you are an iPhone user, haha..ha, but seriously I have to get use to my 4.7″ Nexus 4 which oddly enough feels and looks much smaller than my S2. I love it though.

  • Remo J Gutierrez

    My point is that I need to get used to my currents phones size before I decide to go any bigger.

  • brainless_Unit

    Who was that funny dude who said “if you see a stylus they blew it”?
    Can’t remember his name, something to do with works, yep?
    I wonder what would he say now.

  • RTWright

    Why not just wait for the Note 3 then? I mean, all the S series is turning into at this point is a Note. Not a problem with me, I’m enjoying the heck out of my S3 but I can see just going to the Note instead next time. They have pretty much the same features and the S4 is sounding from all of these ‘RUMORS’ that it’s going to be the size of a Galaxy Note.

  • Crapoled

    I hope they are not using crapoled anymore.

    • GraveUypo

      that’s one of the best bits about the phone…

      i nearly vomit when i try to use a LCD phone in dark room.
      LCD looks like it has an oily light-grey mist all over the screen. awful minimum brightness, awful maximum contrast, abysmal dark color reproduction.

      if you’re talking about the stupid pentile pixel arrangement then i agree, but i do not care nearly as much as you seem to. if you’re talking about the over-vibrant colors, well, just setup the screen properly.

  • dizz

    Don’t want the screen any bigger than gs3. Don’t want a stylus. Leave my galaxy series alone. If I want a note, I’ll buy a note.