Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy II, Demons’ Score released in Google Play Store by Square Enix

Just in time for everyone starting a long holiday break looking for something to do on their tablet or smartphone, Square Enix released a trio of titles to the Google Play Store today. The first title is Final Fantasy II, a port of the original FF II from 1988. The game revolves around four war heroes caught between an empire and a rebel resistance. The game features a proficiency system for developing a character versus the more typical level up structure. Final Fantasy II is available for $7.00 and will run on Android 2.2 or higher.

A related title, Final Fantasy Dimensions, is a modern throwback version for the Final Fantasy line. Incorporating the traditional story of battles between light and darkness with some crystals thrown into the mix, the game uses 2-D pixel art to give the title a retro look. That look does not come cheap though as Final Fantasy Dimensions will set you back $20 if you have an Android 2.3.3 or higher device.

The final title released by Square Enix is Demons’ Score, a Tegra 3 only app. The story centers on a young college girl in search of her father who has gone missing in an asylum. Prior to disappearing, he provided his daughter with a smartphone app to help her control demons that may try to possess her. The gameplay is in the genre of rhythm games where players have to tap their device’s screen in certain rhythms. Demons’ Score also costs $20 to buy.

Several other Square Enix titles are on sale now, including Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings: Omega, Chrono Trigger, and the original Final Fantasy. If you are interested in any of the three new titles, use one of the download links below to get your copy.

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    Finally Dimensions :-) toilet journeys will be epic again