Android US market share continues to decline, Apple hits record high

Just last month Apple managed to retake the number one position in terms of mobile OS market share in the US, overtaking Google’s Android in the process. Today, it appears that trend has continued through the month of November, with Apple reaching its highest ever smartphone market share in the United States.

Figures released today show Android falling to 41.9%, a decline of nearly 11% over the previous year. On the other end of the spectrum, Apple now sits at a staggering 53.3%, a rise of 17.5% year-over-year. While Android has managed to reach nearly 60% at one point, this is the first time in the Cupertino company’s history that it has passed the 50% mark. For comparison, Microsoft’s Windows Phone is having a tough time reaching 3%, having been stuck in limbo since last year. RIM, on the other hand, has all but fallen completely off of the map, dropping nearly 6 points in just 12 months.

In various other parts of the world Android continues to top the charts, constantly setting records for rate of growth. However, it appears as though Apple is once again dominating the US market. Android may be losing the battle, but at least it’s winning the war.

Source: Kantar

About the Author: Colton Kaiser

Born in southern California, Colton is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast. His first Android handset was the Motorola Backflip, though his passion for technology began when he received his first Windows 95-powered PC for a Christmas present as a child. Dumbfounded by the capabilities of the machine, he discovered an inherent fascination for software and electronics. Colton wrote for numerous news publications before establishing his own popular technology-oriented website. When he's not writing about or playing with the latest gadgets, he enjoys watching football and destroying friends in his fantasy league, preferably while eating Mexican food. Colton currently attends the University of Redlands, where he plans to major in journalism.

  • David Tang

    Can’t fight such strong branding and loyalty… but all good things must come to an end.

  • Cristi Istrate

    Is not market share, is sales. Android is still at more than 50% market share.

    • Yessif

      This particular report is market share in the US.

  • Rob Pearson

    Says a lot about US discernment of quality! – NOT

  • Craig

    Keep on wasting money on Apple junk, yanks. China will own you soon anyway.