USPTO declares Apple’s multitouch patent invalid

Apple has always been a little over possessive of “multitouch,” but today it appears the USPTO has put an end to that unhealthy affair. In a preliminary ruling, the multitouch patent was found invalid on all 20 points. This is unfortunate for Apple as that patent was the basis of nearly all of their multitouch patent lawsuits, including the lawsuit against Motorola that was tossed out of court earlier in June.

Although this could be overturned in higher courts, I’m hopeful that the USPTO will understand that these incredibly broad and vague patents are stifling to innovation and hopefully keep this one invalidated.

source: FOSS Patents

  • PKM

    Apple will patent life, and we will have to pay

    • Danny Dodge

      I just got the patent on breathing, the process of respiring oxygen and the expilation of carbon dioxide and thoroughly intend to charge Tim Cook with a full breach.

  • Oodie Watcharin

    But seriously, multitouch is really championed by Apple before anyone else in the tablets war.

    • vegiisan

      And? They still didn’t invent it, the rights of creating something don’t go to the person who becomes popular first. That’s nonsense.

  • Nudo

    About time