More Samsung Galaxy S IV and S II Plus specs leak, announcement rumored for CES 2013

With the era of 1080p, quad-core phones approaching us, Samsung appears ready to unveil the next iteration of its extremely successful Galaxy series: the Galaxy S IV. Samsung’s latest entry to its Galaxy S line is rumored to sport a 5-inch, 1080p display, quad-core Exynos Adonis processor and a 13MP camera. The specs alone positions it to rival HTC’s DROID DNA and LG’s Optimus G series.

In addition to the news of the S IV, a Galaxy S II Plus is also mentioned. Among the noteworthy features of the Galaxy S II Plus are items like a qHD display and Jellybean running the show. For most customers, it should satisfy those looking for a lower cost alternative to the pricier top-tier phones of today. Its announcement is slated for late December to January.

Source: Unwired View

  • roman

    so my understanding is that they will keep the sgs2 as a low level phone, s3/s4/s…. as high line and the note 1/2/…. as a large screen option generally with high line hardware.

    im kind of concerned samsung is going to loose the customers who dont want more then 4.3-4.5″ display because of comfort. i personally know a few of these people that wont even buy an s3.

    that being said, i love my note 2 :)

  • oli72

    majority rules. the few that doesn’t get it there is other options. so far Samsung is rocking the market hard.

  • PKM

    IV being 5 inch ? whats the point of galaxy note then ?