Google’s Barra shares some amazing Photo Spheres

Google’s Vice President for Android Product Management, Hugo Barra, shared some Photo Spheres from some of his friends today. The images come from Barra himself along with Evan Rapoport, Sascha Haeberling, Sacha Arnoud, and Lockey McGrath, all taken with the new LG Nexus 4. Locations are from around the world and include both inside and outside shots.

Viewers who hit the source link may notice that Google+ recognizes the uploaded images as Photo Spheres and will let you pan around ala StreetView. Barra indicates this is supported in Gmail, Google+ and Google Maps as well as the Gallery on a mobile device. We await word from Barra on whether a device’s accelerometer/gyro can detect movement to pan around in a Photo Sphere.

To view the Photo Spheres in their full glory, hit the source link. Any one out there with Android 4.2 or the camera app captured any interesting Photo Spheres yet?

source: Google+