Samsung Galaxy S III reaches 30 million sales worldwide

Samsung has repeatedly made it clear that its flagship Galaxy S III has proven to be one of the company’s most successful ventures in the mobile space. Even the Korean manufacturer’s oversized Galaxy Note II has managed to make a significant dent in the mobile market.

Just two months ago, sales figures for the GSIII were pegged at 20 million total units. Today however, the company announced that it has moved an astronomical 30 million Galaxy S IIIs worldwide. Undoubtedly, the device will continue to be a prominent player in the market for many months to come, but with the LG Optimus G already available and Google’s very own Nexus 4 looming on the horizon, other non-Sammy options may just be more enticing.

Via: The Verge
Source: Samsung Poland

  • dro_ID

    Is S3 the most successful smartphone in terms of volumes sold? What other smartphone was sold in such huge volumes?

    • IonyxIphone 5


      • IonyxIphone 5

        Last I checked it was about 150 million. Each iteration sells better than the last. The Galaxy S3 will probably be the highest selling Android based phone, but for a single handset these numbers are the first on that side of things. Galaxy S3 is probably the closest thing to an iphone, from android as far as features and quality. It could very well take the year. But we’ll jut have to wait and see. So far they guess iphone 5 has sold around 10 million in a months time but there not sure because apple released group numbers of the 4,4s, and 5. Totaling 26 million in a months time. But that number means nothing if we don’t know what actually sold more.