“Pimp My ROM” script makes its way to rooted users for easy access to tweaks and hacks

With a name like “Pimp My ROM,” how can one not give it a try. All it needs is Xzibit’s face plastered on their banner and it’ll be perfect! Pimp My ROM is a cool little script that allows the user to easily install hacks, tweaks and many other things into their custom ROM. Here’s a small example of what you can do with this:

  • Faster internet browsing
  • Better Battery consumption
  • Miscellanous kernel tweaks
  • Ondemand governor tweaks
  • Dalvik VM tweaks
  • Defragmentation of sqlite3 databases at each boot
  • Disable android-logger
  • Disable kernel Normalize Sleeper
  • Use strict minfree handlers
  • Flags blocks as non-rotational
  • Enable data_writeback for ext4 partitions for better i/o
  • Force GPU rendering on 2D operations
  • Improve multitasking by tweaking system task-killer
  • run Vacuum & Reindex at each boot to optimize sqlite
  • Use Adblock hosts to block in-app advertising
  • Improve External sdcard I/O performances
  • Zipalign all apk at each boot
  • Install Thunderbolt’s s98system_tweaks
  • Tweak CPU and GPU tuning values
  • Tweak the behaviour of the Complete Fair Scheduler (cfs)
  • Tweak TCP buffers for better internet speed
  • Optimize all sqlite3 databases to increase speed of apps that use db
  • Build.prop Tweaks :
  • Better jpg image quality
  • Better camera recording quality
  • Lock launcher in memory
  • Battery savings
  • Disable kernel error checking
  • Dalvik VM tweaks
  • Faster scrolling
  • Better touch responsiveness
  • Faster browsing and download speed
  • Allow purgeable assets
  • Reduce dialing time
  • Misc 3G tweaks
  • Deeper sleep
  • Reduce black-screen time of proximity sensor after a call
  • Smoother video streaming
  • Faster wifi connect/disconnect
  • Overall smoothness improvements
  • Increase the size of VM heap

Would this be something you would like to try out? Head on over to the source link for instructions and further information. Props to XDA user Androguide.fr for creating such a unique tool for everyone to use!

source: XDA

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