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Chameleon Launcher for Tablets now available in Google Play store

Last May we reported on a project from Teknision, Inc., to create a new home screen UI and launcher for Android tablet devices. At the time, Teknision was in the process of funding the project via Kickstarter. The effort succeeded with the goal of $50,000 reached in July. Today the Chameleon Launcher for Tablets was made available in the Google Play store for $10.

The highlight of the app is the context-based system used to change the home screen. Contexts can be defined in different ways – time of day, wifi network, or gps location. As the contexts change, so does the home screen. For example, at work one set of widgets may be displayed providing quick access to apps like e-mail, calendar, and task manager. In the evening or at home, widgets for social media or entertainment apps may be displayed instead. Along with the context sensitive home screens, the app enables users to deploy a set of improved widgets to their home screen and to customize the mini tray.

If you are interested in this new take on the tablet UI, use one of the download links below. Or, check out the video below showing some of the features of Chameleon.

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  • Ray

    It looks great but they should really make a free trial.

  • BottleRocket

    I’m disappointed with it. Lack of widgets and not very intuitive.