Chameleon is Now a Kickstarter Project Looking to Make the Tablet UI Sexy Again


The great thing about Android is the fact that if you don’t like the way it looks, you can use a slew of various launcher applications  to change it to work for you. NOVA Launcher and Go Launcher are just a few of the launcher options you have. However the one thing I find with every launcher I’ve used is that even though I set it to work great for me, it still feels not as efficient as it should be. Mind you I am talking about my tablet UI. Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus works perfectly in my opinion. Enter Chameleon. The launcher we told you about back in March looks to make inefficiency a thing of the past. While this UI is nothing short of revolutionary it didn’t hit the target market the company intended it for. Intended for OEMs the company behind the UI couldn’t find a buyer.

Rather than give up they’re taking to the UI to Kickstarter. Their goal is $50,000. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck would we pay for a UI that’s only in the prototype stage let alone at all? Well the company has more than just a Photoshop rendering of the the UI as you will see from the videos below the UI looks amazing. And if you’re still skeptical the company behind Chameleon, Teknision, is listed as one of the designers behind the BlackBerry PlayBook‘s UI.

So if you feel like supporting what should be a very well done UI that’s already in the works, hit the source link below. Here’s hoping they meet their mark because this is going to be a great GUI. Again, you can check out the videos of this UI in motion after the break. Enjoy!

sources: Teknision, Kickstarter
via: Android Police

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