Samsung Announces The Galaxy S III Smartphone To Launch With Wait For It… Android 4.1 Loaded Out Of The Box


The citizens of Singapore will now be able to have a device the rest of the world doesn’t for now– a Jelly Bean-powered Samsung Galaxy S III LTE smartphone. That’s right friends, Samsung is currently getting ready for the launch of the device by the end of September. Even more exciting is the fact this version of the smartphone will feature a quad-core Exynos processor instead of the dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip, while also featuring a whopping 2GB of RAM. Customers in Singapore can expect to pay around S$998 (US $801.86) for the newly launched device.

Oh and Samsung Singapore also took some time to make owners of the existing Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone happy too as it confirmed the existing smartphone will get the Jelly Bean update sometime in the near-future. Considering there are multiple leaks of the Jelly Bean build out there at this time, we suspect the update is due out for arrival soon— very soon.

source: CNet Asia
via: Android Central


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  • Domo91

    Stupid how they couldn’t do a quad core and lte. Now look. Way to make my phone look weak Sammy.

  • Chris

    I hope this baby gets released in the UK as my network providers have told me there’ll upgrade my non-LTE S3 when 4G rolls out.

  • Jack Holt

    I won’t hold my breath for the VZW version of the S3 getting JB anytime soon…

  • GraveUypo

    i want that ram on my gs3 :| the only thing i don’t like about my phone is that it’s only 1gb of ram.

  • jason

    I guess samsung is getting crazy or they cannot take it what happened with apple. I presently own a international version and i am happy with it but cannot understand why after they lunched it jelly bean came out more colours came and now this ram upgrade and roumurs for the samsung galaxy 4 at least pls give us jelly bean as soon as possible that is like something we have all the rights for it since it came after the luanch exactly…..still love Samusung but i am hurt spending 659euros on a phone its not its not a joke