Wireless charging for smartphones and ultrabooks coming in 2013 courtesy of Intel

According to DigiTimes, Intel is expected to launch a new type of technology that will wirelessly charge Intel-powered smartphones. What this means is that your phone will somehow grab low power electricity from the air to charge your battery. This has already been approved by the Wireless Power Consortium as the Qi standard.

Intel won’t be the first out of the gate because both Sharp and NTT Docomo released devices already, but the cost has been the biggest factor in pushing this to the mainstream. According to DigiTimes, Samsung was expected to have launched something similar by now, but it will be delayed until late 2012 or possibly 2013. As for Intel, we probably won’t see anything until the second half of 2013.

Intel’s solutions is to use an ultrabook as the power source (along with related software) and a transmitter to wireless charge a smartphone. It will consume low power and the phone won’t be required to be put in a specific position.

source: digitimes