Zens Introduces Samsung Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Kit


It sure does seem like an eternity since the Samsung Galaxy S III’s release to the masses. Something you may have forgotten at the original announcement of the smartphone, Samsung made a subtle mention of the Galaxy S III having wireless charging capabilities and subsequently, the wireless charging accessory that would arrive sometime before the fall. Well some of you may be a bit impatient and would love to wirelessly charge your smartphone sooner than later, so that’s why Zens has come to the rescue of all. The company recently announced a wireless charging kit that’s compatible with the Galaxy S III. The wireless charging terminal includes all the goodies and internals that can provide power to the smartphone when placed on top of the terminal.

The wireless charging kit will be available in September for 69 Euros (roughly $85). Oh and in case you care— it will be available in both blue and white, so you won’t need to worry about the consistency of the colors for your phone and charging kit. You can find more details once you hit past the break.

ZENS Launches First Wireless Charging Solution for Samsung’s Galaxy S3 

Eindhoven (August 2, 2012) – ZENS, developer of innovative wireless charging solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent consumer demands, announced today the launch the world’s first integrated wireless charging solution for the Samsung’s Galaxy S3. This wireless charging solution offers ease of use while consumers no longer have to worry that they will run out of mobile power.

ZENS combined the significant progress in semiconductor integration and its own, extensive experience in developing and manufacturing wireless power products to make ultra-thin and small wireless power receivers. The power receiver solution is neatly integrated in a ZENS battery compartment door. The consumer simply replaces the standard battery compartment door of his Samsung Galaxy S3 with the ZENS battery compartment door and the phone will work seamlessly with the ZENS Wireless Charging pad, at home or in the office. The ZENS battery compartment door with wireless charging capabilities is available in both White and Blue to perfectly match the color of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Ease of use and free positioning

The ZENS Single Wireless Charger features a timeless, modest design. The charging pad is extremely easy to use. The underlying induction technology ensures foolproof charging every time a mobile phone or other Qi compatible device is placed on the charger. The free positioning feature of the ZENS Single Wireless Charger allows for ultimate user comfort and a flawless performance. Thanks to several induction coils in the charging pad, the device doesn’t have to be locked into an exact position. The user is ensured that, when he or she places the phone on the pad, its battery will be charged successfully at all times. For ease of mind, a blue light on the charger also indicates when the phone is charging.

All of ZENS’ wireless charging products are designed with concern for sustainability. Standby-power is ultra-low and once fully charged, the system automatically shuts down.

The wireless charging solution for the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is available from September onwards at premium retailers and operators. The suggested retail price of the bundle being the ZENS battery compartment door and the ZENS Single Wireless Charger is € 69,–.

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  • mikeGsays

    The OEM one will be released in September too (well, we all know how tentative dates from manufacturer’s go), why would we want to go aftermarket instead of OEM Samsung? People have been modifying their devices since it was released with the Palm TouchStone, so if they wait a little longer for OEM, I think it would be worth it…. unless Sammy decides to charge something ridiculous for it like they did with the GNex pogo dock!