Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 shows off in early unboxing

Earlier today we reported on a YouTube video for a new Samsung commercial showing off their forthcoming Galaxy Note 10.1. More info has come out in the form of an unboxing of a Galaxy Note 10.1 reported on The Brave Post blog.

According to the author, the white version he got his hands on carried 2GB of RAM, double reports to date indicating the devices would have 1GB of RAM. Video playback appears to be good along with the operation of the stylus. The author did note screen resolution was only 1280 x 800, on the low side for a 10” device in his opinion. The unboxing revealed some telephony features on the tablet possibly including the ability to connect with a smartphone using Bluetooth Message Access Protocol.

The one thing that continues to be missing from all of the information leaking out about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a release date. Could it be August 15th, a date Samsung picked to make a major announcement?

source: The Brave Post
via: The Verge