CM9 now supported on three U.S. Samsung Galaxy S III devices, Can you guess which one is missing?

Today the CynaogenMod team announced CM9 support for three U.S. Galaxy S III devices. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Verizon’s version didn’t make the cut. For now they are supporting the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions. They did mention the Verizon version and their original intent, but nothing was said about the U.S. Cellular version. Hit the break for their statement.

Last night we welcomed the ‘d2’ family of devices (not to be confused with the Droid 2) into our cabal of supported devices and nightlies

This brings our support of the principal Galaxy S 3 variants to most major carriers around the world (the parent device – i9300 was already supported). 

The breakdown is fairly simple: 

d2att = AT&T Variant 
d2tmo = T-Mobile Variant
d2spr = Sprint Variant

We had/have plans on working on the d2vzw, but with the news of the locked bootloader and pending “Developer Version”, we will hold off on that variant. For info on that, follow +Austen Dicken.

source: Google+


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