Galaxy S III Battery Bug Discovered, Unofficial Fix Available

The bad news as you can see above is that there seems to be a bug in the battery stats on the Samsung Galaxy S III, which isn’t what you want to see from your brand new flagship phone.

The good news is twofold: (1) the bug is a reporting bug, not an actual battery usage bug, and (2) there’s a fix available already, albeit not from Samsung but from some crafty developers over at XDA.  

It seems a bug in the phone’s framework-res.apk file is causing the reported voltage of the “cell standby” process to be about 10x higher than it actually is, which throws off the reported battery stats.  Your phone isn’t using and more power than normal, and your battery isn’t running out any faster.  It’s simply a reporting error.

The good news is a modified power_profile.xml file is available to fix the problem if it really bothers you.  I’d expect to see a fix from Samsung, but as this isn’t a critical bug I doubt we’ll see a fix very quickly.

Head over to XDA to read more and grab the needed files.

source: XDA