Apple Adds Galaxy S III To Lawsuit Against Samsung – Requests Preliminary Injunction

Raise your hand if you’re sick of all the litigation. Yeah, me too. Apple and Samsung have been doing the legal dance for a while now, talks failing, and it continues. In December, Apple was denied a preliminary injunction against many Samsung products. Now, Apple has filed for more injunctions against more Samsung products… including the shiny new Galaxy S III.

What is Apple complaining about this time? The same thing Apple just fought HTC and Motorola over: a “data tapping” patent regarding the multi-option dialog that appears when pressing a phone number in an email or webpage. On top of that, Apple is also claiming the S III violates a unified search patent, essentially adding Apple’s Siri as the victim. It’s not Samsung’s S-Voice that has Apple’s panties in a bunch, but rather the base Android voice command and search architecture.

So far the presiding judge has not granted Apple the injunction, regardless of how much Apple stresses the importance of the timing before Samsung’s global release.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

source: Foss Patents
via: Android Police


  • Superduty1985

    bull $hit Android had speak/voice before Siri!

  • Mei

    Apple could not make people hate them more with these frivolous patent troll lawsuits.  Thanks to ‘their innovative’ ways of stifling competitions via lawsuits, I will never buy an iPhone or iPad to support such a company.  They better not delay me in getting my Samsung Galaxy S3 purchase.  D:

  • Nudo

    This must be why they charge 3x the price of others… to pay their lawyers :P