Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Update leaked (Near Official)

Chances are that the majority of Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch users are not bored with their phone just yet. However if you are craving a little ICS flavor in your life, you may want to consider this. XDA developer sfhub has just leaked a near official build (FD24) of ICS for the Sprint GSII variant that can be enjoyed via the one-click install method for rooted devices or simply flashing a zip file on non-rooted devices that are currently on Gingerbread version EL29. As always, proceed with caution when it comes to altering software on your own, but I dare say that it’ll be worth the trouble in the end. Hit the source link below for instructions and more info.

source: xda

  • Spencer M

    Oh yeah! ICS on GSII. So totally worth the wait. A little on the slow side at times but so was gingerbread.

  • Guest

    So far, this is the worst phone I have ever owned. Not sure what the hype is about.  Poor battery, runs hot, dropped calls, let me have my blackberry back.  This thing is junk.

    • ^^^Fails

      Trollers gunna troll

    • Official Jeenious

      your crazy. epic 4g touch is the best phone ive ever had

    • Danny

      lol, you’re crazy! the htc hero was the worst phone i ever had. this is the best phone I’ve ever had

    • eric james

      AGREE 1000% with you

    • Reply

      hm you wanna go back to the phone who’s company is near bankrupt?..

    • Erhazmat

      Do you even know how to use the phone, if you were using a black berry apparently not. Get a clue and flash a rom or two if you want to see the real potential of the phone. Wicked Sensation is the best ICS rom out right now with the themes 4g hack and just plain blazing fast. Please go back to you POS blackberry.

  • Jimbo

    Soooo Slooooow!

  • eric james

    I wish I got the IPHONE 4S

    • tcogan50

      I bought the iphone 4s and with Sprint it was sooo slow. I took it backin 4 days and love this phone.

      • Cracker

        did the same, but took me a day before going back to android, 4s sucks

  • celze20

    I traded my iPhone 4s for the epic 4g touch, and I couldn’t be happier . I’m running ice, experimenting with different kernels, and the phone is fast, no dropped calls, no restrictions unlike the iPhone unless you jailbreak, and if you add too many jailbreak tweaks to iPhone to get it to act like android, it will cause software instability, ie springboard crashes, missing icon pictures, etc.

  • Kjblossom69

    since I got the epic touch in january I couldn’t be happier his phone is awesome because no probs with that whatsoever. now just waiting on ICS.