Latest Infographic shows 53% of Android developers owning a Samsung phone and 62% developing for Android exclusively

I’m not a big fan of infographics, but once in a while one of them interests me a little. The problem is you never know how many people were surveyed or if it was done scientifically at all. Anyways, this latest one comes from Startapp and it’s entitled “Following the White Rabbit.” They surveyed Android developers exclusively and some of the notables is that 53% of those surveyed own a Samsung phone while 22% own an HTC phone. Most interesting is only 5% own a Motorola phone.

Android developers also seem to concentrate more on Android as 62% say they only develop for Android while 37% also develop for Apple’s iOS

As far as number of apps, 53% of respondents published 6 – 9 apps, while 32% are still working on it. As far as other app stores, not surprisingly, the Amazon App Store is the favorite at 66%. Hit the break for the full infographic.


source: startapp