Nvidia 28nm Kepler GPU May Go Mobile

Nvidia recently released Kepler, a more efficient 28nm GPU, used in the GeForce GTX 680 desktop graphics card. Tech site Anandtech discovered an email sent by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang to all Nvidia employees congratulating them on the launch of Kepler. In the email, Huang mentions his intention to bring this chip architecture to other devices, including smartphones.

“Today is just the beginning of Kepler. Because of its super energy-efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacenters, to super thin notebooks, to superphones.”

Obviously, the exact same chip can’t simply be inserted into a phone, but this declaration by Huang shows that there is a closer relation between the GeForce and Tegra lines via the Kepler architecture. While the Tegra 3 is Nvidia’s current mobile champion, the next generation from the company will bring us even closer to desktop level performance from a mobile device.

Read Huang’s entire email after the break.

—–Original Message—–

From: Jensen H Huang 
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 9:48 AM
To: Employees
Subject: Kepler Rising

Today, the first Kepler – GTX 680 – is on shelves around the world!

Three years in the making.  The endeavor of a thousand of the world’s best engineers.  One vision – build a revolutionary GPU and make a giant leap in efficient-performance.

Achieving efficient-performance, great performance while consuming the least possible energy, required us to change our entire design approach.  Close collaboration between architecture-design-VLSI-software-devtech-systems, intense scrutiny on where energy is spent, and inventions at every level were necessary.  The results are fantastic as you will see in the reviews. 

Kepler also cultivated a passion for craftsmanship – nothing wasted, everything put together with care – with a goal of creating an exquisite product that works wonderfully.  Let’s continue to raise the bar and establish extraordinary craftsmanship as a hallmark of our company.

Today is just the beginning of Kepler.  Because of its super energy-efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacenters, to super thin notebooks, to superphones.  Not to mention bring joy and delight to millions of gamers around the world.

I want to thank all that gave your heart and soul to create Kepler.  You’ve created something wonderful.

Congratulations everyone!



source: anandtech
via: theverge


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