Google Play expands 4K and HDR movies to more countries around the world

Google brought 4K movie rentals and purchases to Google Play Movies late last year, but like most of Google’s brand new features, it was limited in rollout to just a few countries. In this case, only the US and Canada had access to Google’s full selection of digital 4K content.

That’s apparently changing as of today, with Google’s website listing 4K movies in Australia and offering significantly more movies in the UK. Users will be able to purchase the broad selection of movies for playback on a compatible device, which also hopefully foreshadows more countries getting in on the action in the next few months.

Like the other countries that have had access to this catalog, these movies are a bit more expensive than their 1080p counterparts. Google also hasn’t matched Apple’s policy of automatically upgrading HD purchases to 4K, so you’ll need to rebuy older movies if you want to see them in higher resolution.

source: Ausdroid

  • Doug Richardson

    $30 per movie for 4k HDR, is a bit more expensive than “a Bit more expensive” I would say.