Google Assistant learns a few new tricks for media lovers

Google Assistant is an always-growing product, and whether you’re using it on your phone or with one of Google’s smart speakers, that means you’re constantly getting new features added to the platform. The latest set of new things your personal assistant can do will make it just a little bit easier to wake up in the mornings, and then help you find your favorite shows at night.

First up, now you’ll be able to set alarms with Google Assistant by telling it to play music by a particular artist at a certain time. No more nuclear sirens going off at 6 AM; instead, you can play something a little more enjoyable to wake up with just a simple command.

The other feature is primarily for finding shows to watch and has some nifty integration with YouTube TV. You can ask Google what network certain shows air on, set reminders to watch those shows every week, and ask Google to watch the show so it can cast YouTube TV to your big screen to get started.

And for Netflix users, Voice Match on the Google Home can now sync up your voice to your Netflix profile, so when you ask Google to play shows through Netflix on a Cast-enabled device, it’ll stay on your profile with your watch history and TV show progress instead of mixing everything up with anything who might be using the Google Home in your house.

source: Google

About the Author: Jared Peters

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