Data shows consumers gravitated to larger screens over the holidays


The percentage of phone-tablet hybrids distributed in the week leading up to Christmas nearly doubled from last year, data shows.

In 2014, according to Flurry Insights, 13 percent of new device activations were phone-tablet hybrids (e.g. the size of a GS6 Edge+ and higher). 2015’s numbers show a significant increase, with 27 percent of new activations being from larger smartphones. 54 percent of new activations in 2015 were medium-sized phones, while full-size tablets and small tablets each came in at 9 percent of new activations.

Additionally, consumers are preferring larger smartphones over smaller sizes. The Korea Times reports that Samsung sold about 100,000 units of the Galaxy Note 5 just three days after its launch in South Korea, with numbers only continuing to grow worldwide.

But those numbers don’t tell the whole story. When it came to Android devices, 50 percent of new activations were phone-tablet hybrids in 2015. For comparison, only 12 percent of new iOS device activations were of the larger size.

Source: Flurry Insights