New rumor suggests Moto 360 to be made out of plastic


Like the Moto X before it, the Moto 360 can call itself one of the most hype-beasted devices to date. Of course anyone who’s been paying attention will understand why. Rumored to be a luxury device, the 360 is said to be made out of quality materials and sport high-end specs. It was also rumored to come packing a luxury device price point too. 

One of the other rumors suggested the Android Wear device would also be made out of metal, adding more to the luxurious feel. However, according to a new rumor, the smartwatch will actually be made out of plastic. The same source of this rumor confirms the device will come with wireless charging but at the cost of thinness.

According to the tipster the device will come in at 13.5mm adding to the rumored 48mm in diameter. Does the extra thickness and lack of metal make you want to reconsider another Android Wear device? Let us know below.

source: Tech Web
via: G for Games

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  • KevinTimmons

    This tipster is not credible. It would go against everything Motorola has shown thus far. It would be against every principle they have discussed so far. And it would end in diasaster.

  • Anfronie

    I wonder of this will flesh out more details from Motorola :)