How to easily bypass Android liveness check [Video]


As much as I love Android, I’ve always felt the face unlock feature that was introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich is more of a gimmick than anything. While it’s cool to show off to non-Android users, it isn’t practical and can be bypassed rather easily if one were to try. In my opinion, using the pattern or pin unlock system provides a faster and safer way to lock your phone from others.

In Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google developers attempted to make the face unlock feature more secure by adding a “liveness check” feature. The problem with face unlock was that one could easily use a picture of the person to unlock the phone. With liveness check enabled, the owner is required to blink for the phone to unlock. This adds another element into the security of face unlock which fixes the issue of simply using ones picture.

Of course, it never takes too long before people figure out a way to bypass that as well. The YouTube video below, uploaded by idaka82, shows a group of guys quickly showing you how to do just that. They simply took a picture and hastily photo-shopped his eyes so that it looks like he’s blinking. Then by transitioning the original and edited photo simultaneously, it gives the effect it’s blinking.

Needless to say, while it can be done rather quickly, it does take a bit of effort. Nonetheless, I’ll always suggest Android users to stick with the pattern or pin unlock system if you wish to secure your phone.

You can head over to the video after the break!


    C’mon dude, what idiot is gonna go through all that mess? If I wanted access to the internal memory data, but couldn’t get in due to a security lovkscreen, I would just put the phone in recovery mode, wipe and boom, I’m in. But suggesting the average person uses photo shop is a stretch.

  • Seems like people have kind of missed the whole point really….

    If someone you don’t know and who doesn’t know you steals your phone – where are they going to get a picture of you from to unlock the phone?

    The only people who will have a picture of you will be people you know – and if you are worried about them getting into your phone – then you clearly know the wrong type of people…..

    Finally Google NEVER EVER said that Face Unlock was secure – and constantly tell people that they should use pattern unlock to make their phone secure.

  • chris

    its way more easy to watch somebody putting his pattern or even his pin…

  • Jacktheripper

    Lol. I best hope the next thug who robs me for my phone at knife point isn’t handy with the old Photoshop. Face unlock is perfect for keeping a device secure from the people it should be kept secure from; strangers. Would be nice to see a 2 failed face unlock attempts to forced pin setting though, for that pesky prying graphic design wife/girlfriend you’re cheating on…