Oppo releases almost stock Android OS for global users


Let’s face it – most Android loyalists don’t really like the modifications manufacturers make to the Google-made operating system, and the customized OS developed by Chinese OEMs is outright unbearable for most global users. Therefore, Oppo has released an operating system that is very close to the stock Android, and comes with only a few factory installed apps such as camera, screen off gesture and audio support.

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Oppo will be maintaining an AOSP ROM for several of its devices

oppo-logoOppo prides itself on its ColorOS, which is based on Google’s own Android operating system, but they’ve started to realize that many customers want Android without the OEM overlay.

The company has announced that they’ll be building and maintaining a stock AOSP ROM for many of its devices that will allow users to get an almost completely untouched stock Android experience, just how Google intended. For better or worse, Oppo will be keeping just a few features from ColorOS in, including the camera software, screen off gestures, and MaxxAudio for certain phones. Read more

Tons of new devices have officially been added to the Cyanogenmod family

Cyanogen_New_Logo_February_2015Cyanogenmod has officially expanded support for several new devices from different manufacturers, expanding the list of phones that will support Cyanogenmod releases. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these devices have a stable build ready right this second, but they’ll be supported with future releases. Read more