Update coming soon to Pandora featuring new ‘Browse’ section loaded with music that you’ll love


Right now, as I write this, I have Pandora on in the background spinning me some great new tunes. Pandora is just an incredible tool for discovering new music without much hassle. Soon though, Pandora is going to be even better at dishing out fresh music that you love to listen to. A new ‘Browse’ section is coming to the app, and Pandora is claiming it will be “your ultimate personalized discovery destination.”

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Pandora introduces Thumbprint Radio for extremely personalized recommendations

pandora_radio_venue_pink_purplePandora is building on its music discovery features with a new, unique Thumbprint Radio. If you’ve ever used Pandora, you probably know that you can “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” a track so Pandora will play more relevant music on whatever particular station you’re listening to. This new Thumbprint Radio goes a step further and uses all of the music you’ve liked and builds a radio station based on your overall music tastes. Read more

Vine gets musical upgrade

Social network Vine has announced some upgrades to their service that focus on the music. The new features will impact how content creators as well as consumers experience the service. Vine is adding a new “Snap to Beat” option for users who want to add some music their video clips and some new features for users to discover popular music on the network. Read more