Convenient, but is it efficient? Samsung’s upcoming USB cable charges three device at once


It’s any techie’s dream. One charger for all (most) of their devices.

We’ve seen devices piled up on power-mats, but nothing really close to a three-way USB charger.

The USB plugs into the wall charger (as usual) on one end, and on the other, there three micro-USB plugs split from the original cable. With the $39.99 device, you’ll be sufficiently able to charge three devices at once — but is it worth it?

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Chromebook 11 re-appears in Play Store, overheating issues fixed

Chromebook 11

Remember when Google and HP recalled the Chromebook 11 because of overheating charger issues? Well the device is back and better than ever with a (hopefully) perfectly working charger— you can get one now for $279, the same price it was being offered for before.

If you need a refresher on the specs, it packs an Exynos 5250 processor, 2GB RAM, a 1366 x 768 display.

Some extra information just came in as well— Best Buy has the Chromebook 11 with Verizon LTE connectivity listed online as well. This variant costs $379 with a potential $50 mail-in rebate. You can add it to a shared data plan for only $10 if you’re up for it.

Source: Play Store / Best Buy

HP Chromebook 11 replacement chargers arriving, $25 Play Store gift card included


People that took advantage of the HP Chromebook 11’s charger recall are now receiving its replacement. As we noted previously, the design is very different. For some reason, the charger is smaller than the original even though the issue was the handling of heat generated. According to Android Central, the cable is about six feet long and the USB cable is built into the brick itself. This means that Google really does not want users using other cables with the Chromebook 11.

Google threw in two extra goodies worth taking a look at. First is a note from the The Chromebook Team that apologizes for the matter. The second is a $25, yes twenty-five dollars, gift card for the Google Play Store. Not a bad way to say sorry, right? If you still have the original charger, feel free to send it back.

Source: Android Central

145,000 Chromebook 11 chargers being recalled by Google and HP


The HP Chromebook 11 was taken off of shelves just a few weeks ago without much of an explanation. It turned out that the cause was because the chargers were overheating, and today, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that Google and HP will now be recalling the device’s charger.

Hit the break for a quote from the report as well as other information:

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New HP Chromebook 11 charger “coming soon” to the Play Store


Last month, HP Chromebook 11 sales came to a halt when a defect with the charger was found. The device was immediately pulled from retailers across the country and left without a return date. The charger was reportedly overheating after the first few charges and Google urged owners not to use the charger any longer. But now a new one has arrived in the Play Store that will cost $19.99; however, it is currently listed as “coming soon.” The new charger is stamped with the Chrome logo and should be arriving shortly. Those affected by the recall will be able to pick one up for free.

Source: Google Play Store

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 accessories listed

Galaxy Note 3 Accessories

I’ve never been much of an accessories guy, but some are all in for getting the latest and greatest gear to supplement their devices. Samsung recently released a list of the official accessories they’ll be offering for the Galaxy Note 3 including the S View Cover and Mini Purse, which were already announced. Now we’re getting to see some new additions such as the S Charger Cover, S Charger Kit, and the Desktop dock.

Prices are sure to be a bit high, but that’s expected from OEM-branded accessories. If you’re looking to spend less, look for some unofficial accessories from third-party brands. Availability and other information is not yet available. Check the source for pictures.

Source: Samsung

Pogo charger for Nexus 10 shows up on eBay

The source we cited a couple weeks ago indicating the Nexus 10 Pogo charger would be available within 10 days on Amazon and eBay came close to being accurate. A magnetic charger from MagNector has not turned up on Amazon yet, but it has made an appearance today on eBay for only $19.99. The seller indicates units will ship from Korea starting December 28th for the four foot long power-charging only cable.

source: eBay

“Adru Dark” by Gen Android charger coming on October 11th

Quite possibly the coolest charger I’ve ever seen would have to be this “Andru Dark” charger made by Gen. It features Android’s cool little figurine, but this time donned in all black with red “evil-like” eyes. Definitely a cool accessory to have if you love collecting Android collectibles. Andru Dark features a stand (which doubles as Andy’s feet), light-up eyes that glow red when charging and amber when on standby, movable arms and a 1.2 meter cable.

While it may not be on the cheap side at $25, it’s more or less the same price as chargers you buy at wireless carrier stores. Thus, if you plan on overspending on a charger at a carrier store, might as well grab this one right?

You can purchase this product starting October 11th, but if you’d like to know a little more about it you can actually check out our review of the green version right here. Links to purchase and a video demonstrating the product will be available after the break!

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Deal Alert: Docomo Offering Free Extended Battery and Special Edition Battery Door Cover For The Galaxy Nexus

If you can meet just two simple conditions you can land yourself a free special edition Google battery cover along with a pocket charger for your Galaxy Nexus. The offer stands for the first 20,000 applicants and the conditions are you have to be a resident in Japan and you have to own one of the Japanese Docomo SC-04D models of the Galaxy Nexus.  Based on the pics in the flier, it looks like a “miharu takizakura” tree is etched or printed on the battery cover, but it still looks pretty cool.  This seems to be an effort on Docomo’s part to generate more Galaxy Nexus sales, so be sure to ask for the free accessories if you’re in the market for a G-Nex.  Hit the source link for information on the offer.

All that being said, if you’re a US resident and want to get in on some battery door etching, check out our post where we mentioned the IndieGoGo start up project and scored our logo on the battery cover.  Show your support by ordering one today.

source: Docomo G-Nex Page
via: Android Community