In-house chips may be on the way to LG, Sony devices


LG has been steadily improving its position in the mobile device market thanks to a string of successful smartphone launches over the past couple years. Meanwhile, Sony, while producing devices that tend to be well received, struggles to translate that into sales success. Although they seem to be on divergent paths, the two companies have something in common – they are both mentioned in rumors of a move by smartphone manufacturers to transition to in-house production of processors used in their devices. Read more

Leak says deca-core Mediatek Helio X30 to feature Cortex A35 cores


Having been known to manufacture processors for budget and mid-range devices, MediaTek is finally gearing up to make its presence felt among high-end segment too. Rumor has it that the company is already set to announce the successor to the world’s first deca-core chipset, the X20, which is yet to hit the market.

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HTC gives Apple the boot in new One A9 commercial


HTC today released a new “Be Brilliant” full-length commercial for the One A9. It’s without a doubt a strange commercial, but subtly urges society to stop walking around with the same smartphones and “be different”. I think we all know what group of users HTC is referring to there. Instead, you could also “be free” by purchasing a One A9. The jabs at Apple doesn’t stop there, though.

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