Google IO 2016 Coverage

PieMessage brings iMessage support to Android


One of the more popular apps in the iOS world is iMessage, Apple’s proprietary messaging platform. Although Apple has very recently started to look at expanding support for their apps outside of iOS, iMessage is unlikely to be close to the top of the list as it can be very effective at keeping people locked into Apple’s ecosystem. If you are an Android user and have a spare computer lying around running OS X that can function as a server, a new open source project called PieMessage may bring iMessage support to your Android device. Read more

Camera Shootout: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6


For many people, the camera on their smartphone is the most important feature of the device. Most companies realize this, so over the past few years we’ve seen tons of improvements to mobile cameras with just about every new iteration of flagships. Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S7, was hyped up on its photo shooting capabilities, and with good reason; it’s arguably the best camera you can find in a smartphone. Read more

Updated Connect app adds AirPlay support to HTC’s older flagships


The HTC 10 may be a stunning smartphone with its metal unibody and distinct chamfered posterior, but there’s more to a smartphone than just the hardware. HTC has a bunch of its proprietary apps available from the Play Store offering unique features, perhaps none more so than the HTC Connect app, that has just been updated with native support for Apple’s AirPlay streaming technology. Read more

The HTC 10 (surprisingly) supports Apple’s AirPlay

htc_10_camellia_red_for_japanMusic is a focus point for HTC, and that’s very apparent in the HTC 10. The BoomSound speakers are still present, and they’re even boxing in HiFi headphones with the phone to complement them.

But HTC is going a little bit further than any Android OEM has gone before and adopted a rival’s standard for playing music wirelessly. Yep, the HTC 10 has Apple’s AirPlay support baked in. Read more

Glancing over at Apple’s walled garden: Is the iPhone SE a flop?


Apple. Just reading the name of the fruity company can stir up some strong emotions in my fellow Android fans. Every year we see a new iPhone being released, and we mock the people that buy them as well as picking apart the handset and all of its erm, new features. Apple took the wraps off of the iPhone SE last week, a diminutive 4-inch handset that has been criticised for appearing all too similar to the iPhone 5S and apparently isn’t selling too well.  Read more

Apple Music goes more Android, now offers a widget for your home screen

Apple-MusicAs everyone knows, Apple doesn’t support home screen widgets on iOS. Needless to say, that meant that the Android version of Apple Music launched without any type of widget, much to the chagrin of Android users. However, in true Apple fashion, they’ve finally updated their app to include something that just about every other music player on the Play Store already offers: widgets! Better late than never. Read more