Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Knocking on the door of perfection


Samsung has been the leader when it comes to sales of Android devices, but they haven’t always been the favorite. They have often been criticized for the quality of their build and the overall software experience. Although they still lead all other Android manufacturers in 2014, it was a dismal year for Samsung. They missed their targets and consumers got bored with the fact that the Galaxy S5 really didn’t offer anything new. At the same time, lower priced handsets were taking a bite out of Samsung’s market share.

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Inateck USB 3.0 Hub quick review


Transferring data from a storage device to a phone or tablet can be a little tedious. Think about what goes into transferring data to a mobile device when using a wired connection: dock the storage device, connect both devices with a wire, install drivers, locate the appropriate folder. Not too easy. The Inateck USB 3.0 Hub, when used in conjunction with a mobile device, wants to make the process of transferring data as short as possible. It reduces the processor to a intermediary-like accessory between the storage device and mobile device.

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HTC One M9 review: Refining beauty


The HTC One was unveiled two years ago with a considerable amount of fanfare, and for good reason. It was the first Android phone that could go toe to toe with the iPhone in terms of quality. The full metal unibody screamed sexy and blew away every reviewer. Unfortunately it didn’t translate into the kind of success that HTC was hoping for as the company continued to lose money.

Back then, it was the One M7, signifying the 7th flagship phone since HTC embarked on their own brand. Last year’s version, the M8, did help bring the company to profitability, but it still wasn’t enough.

Now we are on the third iteration of the One, which is now referred to as the M9. The third chapter generally is a good time for a redesign, but HTC feels they already have something special. Instead, they chose to refine it rather than redefine it. By combining some of the best of the M7 along with the best of the M8, HTC is hoping the third time is a charm.

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Nyrius Smart Outlet review


The conversion of everything in the home to be part of a wireless network is not all about the ‘cool factor.’ Home automation makes for convenient and cost-efficient living. Items will activate and shutdown when necessary rather than being turned on manually and staying on for an infinite amount of time. The Nyrius Smart Outlet works manually, with timers, or by proximity to control electronics in the home with a smartphone app. Each Smart Outlet costs less than $40, making home automation with Nyrius relatively affordable.

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Divoom Voombox-party rugged wireless stereo speaker review


Choosing the perfect wireless speaker based on your needs is quite the task considering the vast array of options. There are trade-offs to be made between style, durability, portability, and sound. It is common for any device in any category to be rather bulky and unwieldy when built with durability in mind. Devices focusing on style and build quality lose out when it comes to durability. Divoom, manufacturer of various wireless audio products, believes it has the perfect formula packaged inside its rugged wireless stereo speaker. The Voombox-party has a simple design that remains portable despite the durability factors behind it.

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Moto E LTE (2015) Review: The perfect budget phone


Last year Motorola released the Moto E, a phone that was built to last and priced for all. We found it to me a fantastic phone for the money, but with all technology, things continue to evolve, and Motorola has upgraded just about every spec on the device for 2015. Based on the suggested retail, the LTE version should cost a little more ($20) than last year’s $129 price point, but you can find it for much lower.

Is the new Moto E a worthy upgrade? Well I have spent a little over a week with it so let’s find out.

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Review: The Inateck BTSP-20 Water-resistant Bluetooth speaker

Inateck BlueTooth BTSP20 (12) Before I get started, I figured I would mention that portable speakers aren’t usually the sort of thing that I’m terribly interested in. I’ve always viewed portable speakers as unnecessary (from a personal perspective) and never really looked at them as being able to offer a satisfactory experience. As such, I have usually either listened to my music (anything from Roxette to AC/DC to Weird Al) via headphones or through my PC speakers. But the other week I was sent the Inateck BTSP-20 Bluetooth Speaker to review, and I’m more than pleasantly surprised with it. I might even go so far as to say that I have become a big fan of the BTSP-20. Read more

Galaxy Note Edge review: Super cool, but is it useful?


The Galaxy Note Edge was introduced alongside the Galaxy Note 4. It’s essentially the same exact phone except the right edge is curved and it serves as a secondary display. On the surface, it looks kind of cool, but when it comes to technology, cool stuff isn’t always useful or worth your money. If it cost the same as other flagship phones, it might be an easy decision, but at $399 on contract, this thing is either the next best thing or something to stay clear away from. Let’s find out which after the break.

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SF Launcher 2 review: the launcher that brings Google Now style straight to your home-screen


Earlier this month, Talk Android’s Justin Herrick reported on app developer Jack Thackar’s complete remake of his original SF Launcher, which you can view here. The new launcher, SF Launcher 2, features an amazing imitation of the Google Now app, but instead of notifications, you can customize your home-screen with apps and widgets inside of the notification cards.

This custom launcher doesn’t just stop there, though. Fully implementing Google’s new Material Design elements, colors and actions are present to satisfy your thirst for all things Lollipop.

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