Moov Now review


Getting to the gym is more often than not a difficult task, which makes activity and fitness trackers very convenient. There’s all sorts of them out there at all different price ranges. Some are above average in quality, while others are questionable.

The Moov Now aims to help you get in the best shape of your life by offering a wide variety of fitness coaching activities. Can it stand up to the test?

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InFocus M810T review: Last year’s flagship features for a low price

InFocus_M810T_TA (29)

It wasn’t that long ago when many of us would have turned our noses up at an Android smartphone that wasn’t produced by Samsung, LG, or HTC. It just wasn’t done, because who knew what sort of viruses and malware were present on those other phones and how long they would actually last? Thanks to phones such as the Honor 6, Redmi Note and the Nexus 6P, Chinese hardware manufacturers have gained credibility in recent times. With that in mind, we are reviewing the InFocus M810T. This phone features some impressive hardware in a stylish metal and glass design.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ review: Same edges, similar body, soaring price


Samsung is fearless when it comes to trying new things, a characteristic aided by the company’s deep pockets. We’ve seen countless devices from Samsung over the years that are unusual or the first of its kind. This company isn’t afraid to see a product underwhelm before revamping it and coming back with something even better. Samsung’s use of displays with curved edges is a perfect example. The Galaxy Round from 2013 was the first sign of Samsung trying to buck the trend of conventional displays. It had a display that was curved down the center. Hardly any attention was paid to the Galaxy Round, but the following year, with the Galaxy Note Edge, the company moved to implementing a display with a single curved edge to provide extra information. The issue was that it provided little reason to be chosen over the Galaxy Note 4. Then the Galaxy S6 Edge came along in early 2015 to show that, yes, curved edges can be part of a mainstream device.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ builds upon its young predecessor by being bigger and better in every way. It’s basically the result of merging the original Galaxy S6 Edge with the more recent Galaxy Note 5. Samsung created a device that has the size and strength of the Galaxy Note 5 while maintaining the look of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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ZTE Axon Pro review: A killer flagship that won’t break the bank


When you think of an Android flagship, chances are ZTE isn’t at the top of your list. The company hasn’t exactly pioneered great smartphones, and if they have, its only been in Asia-Pacific, with other regions being dominated by bigger names like Samsung, LG, HTC, and even Apple. ZTE is looking to change that in its effort to become the world’s third largest smartphone vendor, and they might just be onto something with the ZTE Axon Pro.

The Axon Pro is ZTE’s best smartphone yet with its hefty and elegant design, audio experience, and beautiful 5.5-inch display. As far as specifications go, the Axon Pro contends with much of what Samsung and LG put out this year, effectively adding to the already competitive smartphone market.

Does the Axon Pro have what it takes to dethrone kings like the Galaxy S6, LG G4, and maybe even the beloved Nexus series?

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Acer Chromebook 15 review


The Chromebook 11 C740 is perfect for students on a budget or anyone needing a small and light machine they could take with them anywhere. But Acer has a much more powerful Chromebook in its lineup this year. Enter Acer’s Chromebook 15, a true powerhouse for all of your office needs. It’s also perfect for entertainment with its crisp Full HD display.

It’s an impressive machine, and it may be the only Chromebook you’ll ever need.

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Inateck Running Belt review

Inateck_Running_Belt_TA (5)

One of the most biggest questions when exercising is where to put the smartphone and keys. Instead of leaving them to bounce around in your pocket, with the jangling keys announcing your presence wherever you go, Inateck has a great solution in the form of its Running Belt, available for both men and women in black or fluorescent green. Read more

HTC One A9 review: This is not Android’s iPhone


Forget about waiting around until February or March 2016 to see what the next flagship from HTC brings. The One A9 is here and it wants to be everything in a slim, compact piece of aluminum. Actually, if you ask HTC what the One A9 is meant to be, the company will tell you that this is the pinnacle of brilliance. That last word is defined by HTC as bringing personal control, function, and innovation into a single product, one that goes against the grain of popularity. Oddly though, the One A9 seems like a familiar device. Once again is HTC implementing an all-metal unibody design, its HTC Sense overlay, a seamless photo experience, and high-end audio. The original One M7 donned an incredible aluminum frame; the One (M8) packed serious stereo speakers; the One M9 refined the entire package. All pieces for HTC to draw upon. So it all comes down to execution for the One A9.

This is what’s supposed to lift HTC out of the dark and place it in the spotlight.

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[App Review] ‘InMind VR’

InMind VR

I have owned a Google Cardboard viewer for roughly a year now and have played tons of games and demos on it. However, out of all the games I have tried, my favorite is still one called InMind VR. The reason for this is it has everything you want in a virtual reality game. The graphics are good, the controls are great, and, above everything else, it’s just fun to play. InMind VR is not a very long game, only a few minutes, but that’s what makes it fun. Once completed, you can pass it off to your friend to play and then they can enjoy InMind VR too.

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Inateck BH1001 Bluetooth headset review

Inateck_BH1001_Bluetooth_Sport_Earbuds (80)

One of the great things about listening to music via a headset is the ability to get into the moment, shut out the world outside, and move with the beat, especially when exercising. I’ve found that wearing a normal headset can be quite frustrating, though, the pesky cable never stays where I put it. Inevitably, I’ll end up catching the cable on something that results in the earpiece being yanked out, which can be painful. Mostly, though, it’s just extremely frustrating. That’s why I’ve looked forward to reviewing Inateck’s BH1001 Bluetooth headset.  Read more