Acer Chromebook 11 C740 Review


Chromebooks can be impressive laptops. We’ve seen some excellent options come from Samsung, ASUS, and even Acer. Some might be on the pricey side, but Acer recently introduced the Acer Chromebook 11 C740, a Chromebook for those who want a small form factor and are on a budget.

In my time with the C740, it’s been an impressive machine, even at its low price point.

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Motorola Moto G (2015) review: Mid-range never felt so good


Since the company reemerged in 2013, Motorola has been trying to prove that specifications mean nothing on paper. Motorola’s portfolio was slashed and now the company offers just three phones to cover different segments — high-end, mid-range, and entry-level. The Moto G (2015) blurs those lines to an extent. Motorola has developed a phone that, when actually used, feels unlike any other mid-range device ever sold. Why is Motorola able do this? Because specifications from flagship devices made in 2013 and 2014 are beginning to be revamped and repackaged for the mid-range devices of today. And consumers can only benefit from that in both performance and price.

Motorola has gotten out of the way of users and their phones and created a comfortable, approachable, and durable device in the Moto G. This phone can actually rival some of today’s high-end devices. Maybe some will view it as Motorola’s true flagship. Sounds crazy, right? Motorola doesn’t care because it’s true. The value here goes far beyond its $179 starting price.

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BoomBox V2 portable speaker review

BoomBox_V2_TA (45)One of the great things about summer is having a picnic with friends and family — laying on a blanket while eating sandwiches, relaxing, reading, eating, talking, quaffing the odd glass of wine, and listening to music. Listening to music while out and about is often where the proverbial fly in the ointment appears because the quality of sound from your smartphone’s speaker usually isn’t anything write home about. This is where Wowzr’s BoomBox V2 comes in, a portable audio device that allows you to make a speaker out of everyday objects.

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Piper NV Security Camera review


Security cameras for the purpose of home automation are becoming more and more popular with devices available like the Netatmo Welcome or the Nest Cam. The Piper NV is yet another security camera that can be controlled with your mobile device.

Many smart home cameras are lacking in a lot of areas but Piper claims its NV to be top-of-the-line when it comes to automated home surveillance.

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ASUS Chromebook Flip review: Solid choice if size is not a big deal


I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days with an ASUS Chromebook Flip, a new entrant from ASUS to the Chromebook family with a couple interesting twists. The Chromebook Flip comes with a $249 price tag for a 2GB version and $279 for the 4GB version. Stores close to me rarely have Chromebooks actually in stock and the couple that do have tend to be low-end, bulky units that remind me of some cheap netbooks I had purchased for my kids a few years ago. The Chromebook Flip is a far cry from those units despite its small size and may be an enticing buy for consumers looking for a sleek Chromebook. Read more

Pebble Time review: Keeping a smartwatch simple and reliable

pebble time gray TAPebble’s original smartwatch took an out-of-the-way approach to the wearable category. Instead of offering tons of high-end features, it was a smartwatch that was only active when you needed it and actually had good battery life, something not many other smartwatches can say.

Now we have the follow-up to that successful smartwatch — the Pebble Time. It takes much of what made the original so great and refines it with a colorful e-ink display, a much better aesthetic design, and some other general improvements across the board. Read more

Inateck 4-Port USB Car Charger review

Inateck_4_Port_Car_Charger_TA (21)

Smartphones are capable of so much, from checking emails and messages to bank accounts and watching videos, whether we are at home or on the move. The more we use our smartphones and tablets, though, the quicker we need to recharge them. Many of us routinely use our handsets as navigation devices in the car and that quite often exhausts the battery in no time at all. But, just because you are in the car doesn’t mean you have to put up with disappointing battery life, especially if you have something like Inateck’s 4-port USB car charger to call upon.  Read more

Inateck IPX8 waterproof case review

Inateck Waterproof Case Review_TA (19)

Beach holidays are great, aren’t they? You get to bake yourself in the sun, lay around on the sand reading, and take a swim in the ocean. One of the big decisions of the day is usually what to do with the smartphone, and it often ends up stuffed in a shoe that is then hidden under some clothes you hope will provide some semblance of security from nefarious types. With Inateck’s IPX8 waterproof case, though, the days of abandoning my phone in a shoe could well be over.

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Netatmo Welcome smart home camera review


The Netatmo Welcome is a connected camera that features facial recognition, adding another level of safety and security to the home. The Welcome notifies users through their app so that the homeowner knows who is home and when. The device is positioned to compete with some big players in the market, such as the recent Nest Cam upgrade and Piper. Although Netatmo’s offering doesn’t quite meet the standards of those two devices, the company still has a decent camera.

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