Syllable D900 Mini Wireless Earbuds review


As far as headphones and earphones go, almost everything we use is wired. But, with some manufacturers getting rid of auxiliary ports, it’s worth it to start considering quality wireless earphones. Apple’s AirPods have caused a lot of excitement in both the Android and iOS realm, but they’re a little too pricey for early adopters. Thankfully, there are other options. Syllable recently launched something similar, and for a whole lot cheaper: the D900 Mini.

Join us after the break to see what these earphones are all about.

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Tile Mate review


If you’re anything like me, you’re always losing things. I haven’t yet lost anything extremely important, but quite regularly do I lose my keys, misplace my wallet and sometimes even my phone. When this happens, I often spend countless hours running around trying to figure out where I’ve set these items. They usually end up being in plain sight, but in the moment of panic of losing these items, it never feels like it, and thus the endless search for these items begins.

And that’s just what the Tile Mate aims to prevent. Not the loss of these items, but giving you quick access to finding them without investing a huge amount of time in turning your house upside down. The Tile Mate is Tile’s newest product and comes with a few neat improvements over the original Tile.

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Samsung Gear IconX review


Samsung announced the Gear IconX wireless earbuds as a truly wireless solution to listening to music, but also as a way to track fitness without having to keep your phone with you at all times. Crafting completely wireless earbuds that also house a heart rate monitor and some other features makes for a compelling package, but that’s still a tall order for current technology, especially in the $200 price range.

There are certainly some trade-offs to get what Samsung is offering with the Gear IconX, but were they worthwhile trade-offs for a unique pair of earbuds? Let’s find out. Read more

Syllable D700 Wireless Sports Earbuds review


Wireless earbuds, particularly for sporting and fitness activities, can get expensive. The Jaybird X2’s sit at $100 or more. While quality headphones, not everyone wants to invest that much money into earphones. Enter, the Syllable D700 wireless sport earbuds. Syllable believes they’re on par with more pricey headphones, and they might just be.

Find out how the Syllable D700 performs right after the break.

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ZeroLemon Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review


Battery cases can be useful for extending the battery life of your device without having to lug around an extra external battery, or having to bring along a second charged battery for your phone. In the case of many, many newer smartphones, you can’t even swap the battery out, so that eliminates the latter right off the bat.

The Galaxy Note 5 is a perfect situation for that kind of case; it doesn’t have the best battery life, and you can’t change out the battery yourself. That’s where the ZeroLemon battery case comes in by offering a whopping 8,500mAh battery in a protective case, which should keep your phone going for days. Read more

This Android-Windows hybrid from CHUWI is actually pretty good


If you’ve never heard of CHUWI before, you’re not alone. Its tablets are sold, for the most part, overseas; however, you can purchase them in the United States and elsewhere through select retailers.

The first time I became familiar with the company was earlier this year when they reached out about a new product launching, but now I’m getting direct experience with a CHUWI tablet in the form of the Hi12. But it’s not just a tablet. The Hi12 is actually a both a laptop and tablet since two operating systems are present.

The CHUWI Hi12 runs Android and Windows, and you can switch between them in seconds. I’ve been using this device for a couple of weeks and have an surprising takeaway to share with you.

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Moto G4 Play review: The year’s best budget phone


This summer may have been quiet for most companies in the mobile industry, but Lenovo was busy throughout the entire season. Six devices from the Moto brand have been released in the last five month, which is something we haven’t seen from anyone else but Samsung and LG in recent years. Now Lenovo is pumping out Moto devices at a rapid pace to serve as many people as it can.

The Moto G4 Play is the final device from the 2016 batch, and it’s probably the only one from the Moto G4 family that should’ve ever been released. Like the Moto Z Play, this phone is for people who want a phone from Lenovo’s mid-range line at the lowest price possible.

Hit the break for our review of the Moto G4 Play.

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Acer Chromebook R11 review


Chromebooks are still relatively new, and they’re relatively still trying to find their place in the market. Being Internet-only devices, Chromebooks appeal to a very niche group of people. For a Chromebook to be useful as a daily driver, all of your computer usage needs to be purely Internet-based, as you won’t be installing software that you might find on Windows or Mac.

Like I said, they’re still trying to find their place in the market. For instance, Google stopped selling its Chromebook Pixels, high-end Chromebook devices that obviously weren’t selling well because of their high price point (over $1000 for a Internet-only device). However, Acer may have perfected what a Chromebook should look like with its new R11. With a compact, premium design at a little price point, the R11 truly does Chrome OS right.

Hit the break to find out how.

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808 Audio Canz XL Wireless Speaker review


Using your smartphone or tablet isn’t always the best of ways for listening to audio, whether that be music, a movie or some other media. A dedicated speaker setup is almost the way to go for nearly perfect crisp and rich audio. That can be an extremely pricey project, but thankfully, there are other ways of upgrading your audio game. On a tighter budget, 808 Audio’s new Canz XL wireless speaker is perfect for just that situation.

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