AnyMote Home review


It’s likely that you’re using separate remotes and controllers for all of the different devices and equipment in your home. Because IR blasters are no longer common in phones and tablets, the AnyMote Home exists. The AnyMote Home converts what you already have into a universal remote capable of controlling televisions, video game consoles, projectors, speakers, air conditions, and much more. By pairing with the official companion app, you get complete access to what everything in your home does.

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Honor 5X review: A budget-friendly handset with a premium mindset


Besides launching handsets such as the P9 and P9 Plus that are aimed squarely at the premium segment, Huawei (pronounced “Wah-Way“)  also has a sub-brand called Honor offering smartphones at reasonable prices without too many compromises. The Honor 5X is its latest budget-friendly smartphone, featuring a 5.5-inch Full HD display, a first-rate fingerprint scanner, and a premium, metallic finish for $199 in the U.S. and £189/€229 in Europe.

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LG G5 review: Those innovative modules mean nothing


Now that we’re in April, it’s that time of the year when millions of people worldwide consider the options for their next phone. LG and Samsung will be at the top of the list for many because their new flagships, the G5 and Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, were announced on the very same day before being released in the last few weeks. Samsung is playing it safe by having the Galaxy S7 appeal to the masses, but LG embarked on an innovative journey to create the G5. The company’s fifth flagship doesn’t care about tradition and what the smartphone has always been. It’s is all about being what you want the phone to be, depending upon a modular design to give your G5 the capabilities desired.

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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact review: Big performance, small phone


Smaller smartphones have fallen out of style in the past few years with consumers and manufacturers moving towards big, brighter screens. The “standard” smartphone screen sits around 5 inches: the Galaxy S7 offers a 5.1-inch display, HTC has stuck to the 5-inch range over the past few years, and even LG has started to back down on screen sizeswith the G5, which has a 5.3-inch screen. In a sea of large phones, Sony is one of the only companies that pays any attention to the smaller segment of the market with their Xperia Z Compact line, and the Xperia Z5 Compact continues that tradition with a high-end device with a relatively quaint 4.6-inch screen. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review: Is there really an edge?


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have been highly anticipated. Rumors started not long after the Galaxy S6 launched but really cranked up after the arrival of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. That said, there are some high expectations for both of these phones, which might make some feel like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are quite underwhelming. Unfortunately, that’s what rumors do: get the anticipation up so high that the phone will never meet expectations.

Putting all that expectation and anticipation aside, Samsung has created the perfect phones. Not only do they have a premium build, but they also just feel right in the hand. Samsung has also listened to a lot of customer demand and brought the microSD card slot back. Samsung is providing the perfect package, though in all honesty, the Galaxy S7 Edge isn’t for everyone.

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Huawei GX8 review


It goes without saying, Huawei has had little-to-no presence in the United States until it partnered with Google to make the Nexus 6P. Not long after, the Chinese-based company announced plans at CES 2016 to bring devices to the region. The Honor 5X is the major device that the company is bringing to the U.S., but we’re also seeing smaller handsets, such as the GX8, a variant of the international G8.

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iClever Bluetooth Keyboard review

iClever bluetooth keyboard 11

I’ve been looking for a small Bluetooth keyboard to take with me on trips for a long time now. I own a few other Bluetooth keyboards, but my others are either too big to be portable, or more suited for use with a computer, and not a mobile device. That is where the iClever IC-BK04 Bluetooth keyboard comes in. On paper, it seemed to do everything I needed and more.

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Apple Music review


Apple Music is truly Apple’s first foray in bringing one of its applications to Android. The company has brought a few other applications to Google’s mobile operating system, but they’re hardly worth noting. When it comes down to it, Apple Music is the first app Apple has brought to Android, and with it, they’re challenging the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music, and many others. Apple Music is generally accepted on its own home turf, but does it have what it takes to compete against its music streaming competitors over on Android?

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Google Nexus 5X review: Not the Nexus you expected


Google’s Nexus line has always stuck to a single phone representing a year’s innovations in Android until the next installment is ready to debut. But the decision to introduce two new members — the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P — to the family simultaneously in 2015 was special because it signaled Google’s changing view that the line is beyond the developer-focused narrative born at its inception. Consumers long complained Nexus phones weren’t good enough to compete with flagships from other companies, so Google partnered with Motorola to develop the monstrosity known as the Nexus 6. That phone, despite being highly competitive with specifications, was way too expensive and become out of reach for many consumers. Back to the drawing board Google went and out came the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, two phones finally giving the Nexus line variety at multiple prices.

We’re going to be checking out the more affordable Nexus phone today, the Nexus 5X.

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