Moto G4 Play review: The year’s best budget phone


This summer may have been quiet for most companies in the mobile industry, but Lenovo was busy throughout the entire season. Six devices from the Moto brand have been released in the last five month, which is something we haven’t seen from anyone else but Samsung and LG in recent years. Now Lenovo is pumping out Moto devices at a rapid pace to serve as many people as it can.

The Moto G4 Play is the final device from the 2016 batch, and it’s probably the only one from the Moto G4 family that should’ve ever been released. Like the Moto Z Play, this phone is for people who want a phone from Lenovo’s mid-range line at the lowest price possible.

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Acer Chromebook R11 review


Chromebooks are still relatively new, and they’re relatively still trying to find their place in the market. Being Internet-only devices, Chromebooks appeal to a very niche group of people. For a Chromebook to be useful as a daily driver, all of your computer usage needs to be purely Internet-based, as you won’t be installing software that you might find on Windows or Mac.

Like I said, they’re still trying to find their place in the market. For instance, Google stopped selling its Chromebook Pixels, high-end Chromebook devices that obviously weren’t selling well because of their high price point (over $1000 for a Internet-only device). However, Acer may have perfected what a Chromebook should look like with its new R11. With a compact, premium design at a little price point, the R11 truly does Chrome OS right.

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808 Audio Canz XL Wireless Speaker review


Using your smartphone or tablet isn’t always the best of ways for listening to audio, whether that be music, a movie or some other media. A dedicated speaker setup is almost the way to go for nearly perfect crisp and rich audio. That can be an extremely pricey project, but thankfully, there are other ways of upgrading your audio game. On a tighter budget, 808 Audio’s new Canz XL wireless speaker is perfect for just that situation.

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Coloud No. 16 Headphones review


Headphones are a dime a dozen. There’s an insane amount to choose from, ranging from cheap low-quality options to pricey high-end solutions. When you purchase a cheap pair, you normally end up with something that sounds like a can. High-end headphones are great. The sound is usually phenomenal, but most people don’t normally want to drop $300 or so on just a pair of headphones. But, thankfully, there are still good options out there.

Coloud’s new No. 16 headphones sit on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but produce some great quality sound. You might not want to miss out on these.

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Carved Chevron Engraved Maple case review


There’s little creativity in the accessories space, and that’s largely because people are shopping online for the cheapest cases they can find. It’s easy to get a plastic or rubber case for less than $10 and put that on your phone, but you’re not adding any visual appeal with them.

Carved, a company based right here in the Untied States, is bringing style and protection to mobile devices in the form of custom wood cases. Being completely unaware of the brand, I was interested in getting one for myself and seeing if the slight premium is worth it. To be frank, Carved’s products are definitely worth the extra money. The cheaper materials you get from other brands’ products have nothing on the class and precision emphasized by Carved.

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Vikeepro 4K Sports Camera review


Because the industry is over the hype produced by GoPro, companies from all over the world are popping up with their own action cameras. It’s now at the point where brands big and small are trying to get your attention and convert your interest into dollars. Vikeepro, who is offering their own action camera with a whole bunch of accessories at no extra charge, is among the new brands on the scene. The Vikeepro 4K Sports camera is one of a kind because you’re getting a capable action camera with 4K support and every accessory imaginable for way less than what competitors charge for the device alone.

Like you, we’re interested in seeing whether or not the lesser known brands, like Vikeepro, can really make a competitive product for so cheap.

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OnePlus 3 review: Third time’s the charm


OnePlus has had a history of creating great products with an Achilles Heel, dating back to their first flagship device a couple years ago. The original OnePlus One was a fantastic phone that was incredibly difficult to actually buy thanks to its invite system. The OnePlus 2¬†was good, but took steps backwards on many things (looking at you, NFC) and still didn’t ditch the invite system.

We’ve also had the spinoff OnePlus X, which was also pretty great, but lacked decent storage options and LTE bands for AT&T. “It’s good, but…” seems like it should be the motto of the company at this point. Everything might just be different this year.

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 review


The Gear Fit 2 is Samsung’s second take on a wearable fitness tracking device. Their first attempt was a pretty clunky and awkward device, which is probably why you haven’t seen many people walking around with the original Gear Fit from the company.

With those criticisms in mind, Samsung went back to the drawing board to try and bring forward all of the good features of the Gear Fit (namely that large, curved screen on a relatively small and thin band) while cutting out the negatives. That’s a tall order, especially in a market that’s crowded with Fitbit, the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and even Samsung’s own other wearables.

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Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus review: Far from mid-range bliss


Up until three years ago, the mid-range segment of the mobile industry was an afterthought for most companies and consumers. Motorola, who was owned by Google at the time, changed everything when it introduced the Moto G in November 2013. The company released a phone with a low price that carried a ton of value. It proved to the world that, yes, mid-range devices could be worthy buys for a larger number of people.

Whereas Motorola was slowly enhancing the Moto G every year since 2013, Lenovo is going for broke in one shot. The Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus are unlike anything Motorola put out since its 2013 reboot.

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