Pebble Time review: Keeping a smartwatch simple and reliable

pebble time gray TAPebble’s original smartwatch took an out-of-the-way approach to the wearable category. Instead of offering tons of high-end features, it was a smartwatch that was only active when you needed it and actually had good battery life, something not many other smartwatches can say.

Now we have the follow-up to that successful smartwatch — the Pebble Time. It takes much of what made the original so great and refines it with a colorful e-ink display, a much better aesthetic design, and some other general improvements across the board. Read more

Inateck 4-Port USB Car Charger review

Inateck_4_Port_Car_Charger_TA (21)

Smartphones are capable of so much, from checking emails and messages to bank accounts and watching videos, whether we are at home or on the move. The more we use our smartphones and tablets, though, the quicker we need to recharge them. Many of us routinely use our handsets as navigation devices in the car and that quite often exhausts the battery in no time at all. But, just because you are in the car doesn’t mean you have to put up with disappointing battery life, especially if you have something like Inateck’s 4-port USB car charger to call upon.  Read more

Inateck IPX8 waterproof case review

Inateck Waterproof Case Review_TA (19)

Beach holidays are great, aren’t they? You get to bake yourself in the sun, lay around on the sand reading, and take a swim in the ocean. One of the big decisions of the day is usually what to do with the smartphone, and it often ends up stuffed in a shoe that is then hidden under some clothes you hope will provide some semblance of security from nefarious types. With Inateck’s IPX8 waterproof case, though, the days of abandoning my phone in a shoe could well be over.

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Netatmo Welcome smart home camera review


The Netatmo Welcome is a connected camera that features facial recognition, adding another level of safety and security to the home. The Welcome notifies users through their app so that the homeowner knows who is home and when. The device is positioned to compete with some big players in the market, such as the recent Nest Cam upgrade and Piper. Although Netatmo’s offering doesn’t quite meet the standards of those two devices, the company still has a decent camera.

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UKarbon skin review

UKarbon LGG3 (10)

When it comes to protecting our smartphones and tablets from scratches, many of us choose to put them in cases that all too often both hide the design of the device and add a fair amount of heft to them. There are other options though, one of them being from UKarbon, a company based in the United Kingdom that offers a protective skin made of carbon fibre textured vinyl. You can buy a UKarbon skin to protect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console or even your Beats headphones from scratches as well as enhancing the item’s appearance.

I was lucky enough to receive a skin to review on my LG G3 from Harry Hextall, who along with Tom Summerfield, runs UKarbon whilst completing university. Read more

Cheero Ingress Power Cube review


Battery life is a big problem when it comes to our devices. We use them a lot and, as a result, our devices don’t last very long, sometimes dying as early as noon day. Most of the time we’re lucky enough to be only a few feet away from an outlet, but what about the time where we’re not and it’s imperative to have our smartphones on?

That’s where portable battery chargers come in, and Cheero’s Ingress Power Cube seems like a perfect fit. Not only does it have a small form factor for splendid portability, but it has enough juice to charge your smartphone from dead to full four times over, depending on how big the battery is on your smartphone. And that’s just a small part of what this charger is capable of.

I can guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like the Ingress Power Cube.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review: Repackaged with a beefier build for a reason


Everyone loves to praise phones with premium materials such as metal and glass. The only problem with them is durability. Drop a phone with glass and it is practically guaranteed to shatter. Drop a phone with metal and it is going to get nicked and scratched. There is a large group of consumers ranging from construction workers to overall clumsy people that require phones capable of handling drops, spills, and even dust storms. This summer, Samsung and AT&T have worked together yet again to release the Galaxy S6 Active. The phone stays true to the regular, flagship Galaxy S6. Both phones have the same stunning display, speedy processor, and large camera sensor. Really, it’s all the same! So what’s different here? The Galaxy S6 Active’s design will brace it for impact and handle itself in just about any risky situation.

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Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 review: Living unlocked doesn’t mean compromising


Unlocked or locked? That is the question that millions of people have to ask themselves when purchasing a new phone. The biggest factor, and it’s no surprise, is cost. Take a look at any of the latest flagship phones on the market today. The majority of them cost more than $500. The last two years, though, have seen off-contract prices of phones dramatically fall. Now it takes only a few hundred dollars to bring home a phone that is capable of very much. Alcatel OneTouch, a brand underneath TCL Communication, believes to have met a premium experience with an affordable price for everyone with the new Idol 3.

The Idol 3 is touted by Alcatel OneTouch for its ‘3-in-1 experience’ that centers on the display, camera, and sound. The company is not wrong for doing so because those are three areas that consumers look at when purchasing a new phone. Does it look good? Can I take clear photographs? Are the speakers loud? Alcatel OneTouch says yes.

We have our own take on those questions and more regarding the Idol 3. Hit the break for the full review.

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Phone Buddy smartphone stand review

Phone-Buddy Smartphone Stand (52)-COLLAGE2

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop trying to watch a soccer match on my smartphone, and while the video quality was more than good enough, the actual experience was quite poor. The reason I say this is because I was having to hold the phone with my hand which in turn meant that the display was not exactly stable. When the display shook, it invariably caught a reflection that obscured the picture and causing me to miss vital moments.

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