HTC U11 review: Plenty to love, plenty to hate

HTC has been struggling to hit a home run for years now, slowly falling further and further behind the heavy hitters in the Android market. That’s not to say that HTC has made a series of bad phones, they’ve just been unable to deliver the full package while everyone else has been polishing their flagship devices.

Huawei P10 review: A solid update to the series

Last year’s P9 was Huawei’s first flagship to feature a dual camera setup (monochrome and color sensors) followed by the 5.9-inch Mate 9 a few months later with 2x Hybrid zoom and a few more megapixels. Huawei may not have been the first company to come up with the idea of placing dual camera sensors on a handset, but the Chinese handset maker has definitely taken the ball and run with it in its march towards household recognition in western markets.

Huawei’s latest flagship, the P10, launched at MWC 2017 in Barcelona and follows in the P9’s footsteps but with upgraded performance, cameras, and a fingerprint reader on the front of the device. Is the Huawei P10 an essential upgrade from last year’s P9? Join us after the break to find out.

Verizon Wear24 review: Time for a carrier-exclusive smartwatch

Among the launches of different devices this spring, one item you may have missed was the release of the Verizon Wear24 in March. While Verizon offers several different smartwatches for consumers, the Wear24 represents a bit of a different path for the carrier as this one is an exclusive. The market for smartwatches seems to be struggling despite the release of Android Wear 2.0, so Verizon’s entry is an interesting move for the carrier.

We recently spent some time with the Wear24 to see whether it offers a compelling case for consumers to add this to their portfolio of tech gadgets.

Polar M600 review

The market for wrist worn wearables has broken itself down into three segments – smartwatches, activity trackers, and hardcore exercise devices. To succeed in any one of these segments generally means compromises in the areas and features that may make for a winner in another segment. That does not stop manufacturers from trying to figure out how to mash together a device that can crossover and appeal to more than one of these segments. A good example is the Polar M600 which tries to combine the features of a traditional smartwatch thanks to a nice color display and the inclusion of Android Wear 2.0 with Polar’s expertise at producing devices targeting hardcore athletes.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time using the M600. I looked forward to giving it a try. Even though I am firmly in the Garmin camp, I know from online communities I frequent that Polar is a strong competitor in the market with Garmin for exercise devices and they are very popular. Check out my review below to see whether Polar succeeded in producing a device worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

TYLT Flipstick review

TYLT is known for its stylish-yet-functional products, and the Flipstick is no different. It’s a portable charger that’s, you guessed it, shaped like a stick. And the “flip” part of my name comes from it’s two integrated cables that are reversible. Because the battery is only 3350mAh, this is a one-and-done portable charger. You can charge your phone a single time on a single charge. That’s part of the Flipstick’s beauty.

HTC U Ultra review: HTC is almost back in the game

The U Ultra might not be HTC’s flagship for the year, but it’s still a high-end device you should pay attention to. The company vowed to switch its focus to premium hardware in 2017, and the U Ultra is just one culmination of the efforts. It really is a premium device with most everything you’d expect out of the a flagship — powerful hardware, a gorgeous display, a large battery and so on.

LG G6 review: One step forward, two steps back

Much of the world has been anticipating the LG G6, especially after the company promised to ditch modules and create something truly innovative. Despite all the hype LG has been building around the G6, it still doesn’t quite feel up to par. Aside from a design refresh, it’s much of the same we’ve been seeing for years from the company. It’s unfortunate but true. Though, that doesn’t make the G6 a ‘bad’ choice.

So, what’s the LG G6 all about? Find out below.

Moto G5 Plus review: Back to being the best mid-range phone

Over the last couple of years, a massive number of consumers around the world have shifted their buying preferences for phones. It’s no longer guaranteed that the biggest and most expensive phones should be the only ones considered. That change in philosophy can be credited in large part to the Moto G line, which was started by Google and lives on today under Lenovo’s lead.

When Lenovo took over the Moto brand, it started changing another perception: a low price doesn’t have to be for a low quality phone. The Moto G5 Plus doesn’t borrow anything from the competition. It carves out its own spot in the sub-$300 field while competing with phones that cost $400 or more. Lenovo created value here, and it’s why this phone will likely end up being one of 2017’s best overall.

Hit the break for our review of Lenovo’s Moto G5 Plus.

PlayStation Vue review

One day it seems very likely that younger generations will look upon a cable or satellite box in much the same way some of today’s youth view phone booths and typewriters, with a sense of wonder at what purpose these devices once served. That’s because more and more people are moving to consuming content over the Internet through a variety of services and sources. One of the last holdouts in terms of keeping people on those boxes has been the ability to watch live television. That’s changing with more pressure from cord cutters for a model that replicates cable television but over the Internet. Multiple services have stepped into that void, and more will surely join the fray in 2017.

We already checked out DirecTV Now and Sling TV. Today we review PlayStation Vue.

ZTE Blade V8 Pro review: Lots of smartphone for little price

ZTE might not be a smartphone maker on your radar, but it should be. The smartphone manufacturer has put it tons of great phones, bringing you all of the latest and greatest hardware for little price. And that’s essentially the same story for the Blade V8 Pro. Only, it’s designed as a budget phone, but you’re still getting decent hardware for pretty cheap. If you don’t mind going against the grain, skipping your carrier upgrade, and instead, buying something unlocked like the Blade V8 Pro, it might just be a great choice for a phone upgrade this time around.

Follow along below and we’ll show you what the Blade V8 Pro is all about.