YI Home Camera 2 review


So chances are you’ve never heard of YI Technology, but I’m willing to bet they’ll become a familiar brand in the United States very soon. It’s an imaging technology company, whose name stands for “Your Innovator,” with big ambitions to knock competitors by releasing strong products that carry shockingly low price tags. YI is like the Xiaomi of its industry, which is ironic because Xiaomi is an investor in this company. But unlike Xiaomi, YI is ready right now to battle in the country where new brands and products vanish as fast as they appear.

Late last year, YI’s Action Camera went on sale in the U.S. when Amazon signed on as its exclusive seller. The portfolio then expanded with the introduction of the Home Camera right before the end of 2015, but that was quickly succeeded by the new Home Camera 2 in April. This device from YI is similar visually to the original Home Camera; the real differences are inside. YI slightly altered the design but ushered in entirely new internal components that elevate this affordable home monitoring system.

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Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 review

Huawei_MediaPad_M2_TA (69)

By now, you are probably well aware that Chinese electronics giant Huawei is making great strides in the global phone market. Thanks to its collaboration with Google to produce the Nexus 6P, the recently released P9, and the success of its budget brand Honor, Huawei is fast becoming a brand to be reckoned with. Huawei also manufactures Android tablets, with its latest model being the MediaPad M2 10.0 featuring four speakers.

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ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000mAh power bank review

zerolemon_20000mah_pb_logo_back_TAPower banks have exploded in popularity over the past few years, but they’ve also been steadily dropping in price and capacity. We’re slowly reaching the point where it’s not feasible to just keep increasing the capacity of the battery while chipping away at the price, so some companies are venturing out into new features for their portable batteries.

ZeroLemon’s take on this involves baking a solar panel into the top of an enormous battery, and that’s how we end up with the SolarJuice power bank. Not only can you charge this thing with your standard micro-USB chargers, but you can also leave it out in the sun to juice up on its own, too. It’s a neat concept, but does it work well in day-to-day usage?

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EasyAcc Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank review


Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 is going to rise in 2016 and become a common technology in every phone and tablet you buy. We’re already seeing the technology in popular devices like the LG G5 and HTC 10, but this is only the beginning. Now accessory makers are joining the Quick Charge 3.0 craze, and EasyAcc has two external batteries with large capacities and multiple ports to get you charged and ready to go in no time.

Let’s check out EasyAcc’s Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank.

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HTC 10 review: Keeping HTC in the game


This spring saw flagship devices released by three manufacturers that are closely associated with the Android smartphone market. In recent times both Samsung and LG have been flying high, especially Samsung which is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Our review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge showed the company still knows how to produce an interest-worthy device while LG still seems to be struggling a bit with the LG G5 despite the unique modular system they introduced. Amidst those releases, we have HTC, a company that was a big deal in the early days of Android devices, but has fallen on hard times since then.

Now the company released the HTC 10, their latest flagship device, that we take a look at in this review to see whether HTC has a winner on their hands. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 review: The phone to beat in 2016

samsung_galaxy_s7_display_on_talk_android_TAThe Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s stab at a 2016 flagship, following the very well received Galaxy S6. It’s facing some incredibly stiff competition again this year, with LG’s module-driven G5 and HTC’s polished-to-perfection HTC 10, but Samsung has always held up against most other companies in the market. It’s taking a safe approach with the Galaxy S7 by building off of the successful aspects of the Galaxy S6 instead of a radical redesign like we’re used to seeing.

So how well does the Galaxy S7 hold up?

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