Leaked screenshots highlight Samsung’s Galaxy S IV smartphone may feature Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features



Looking forward to that major Sammy device that’s set to be introduced next week? Yeah— so are we gang. With that in mind, we have some additional leaks to share with you all highlighting how the Galaxy S IV’s UI may indeed look upon its arrival. As indicated in some screenshots from the Galaxy S III’s leaked 4.2.1 firmware, we can see the Galaxy S IV will indeed have the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features, just like we’d previously heard before. In addition, the inclusion of these features all but confirm the Galaxy S IV will utilize a full 1080p HD panel, giving users all the detail and quality they can handle on the rumored 4.99-inch display. Could it be possible that the upcoming device will have even more custom or unique inclusions to the UI? We’re certainly inclined to believe that its not that hard to fathom seeing something an even more updated version of its Touchwiz Nature UI.



It’s only another week before the big event gang. Just one more week…

source: SamMobile

Google Joins Board of Directors at NFC Forum


The Near Field Communications Forum (NFCF) was established in 2004 as a non-profit industry body designed to encourage advancements in NFC technologies. We have seen this technology slowly making its way into mainstream smartphones from all major manufactures (except Apple) over the past few years.

Google joined the NFCF in March 2011 as a “principal” member, and has not advanced up the board structure…until now. Google has upgraded its status on the Forum to “top-tier sponsor level“. This basically means that Google now has a say in the running of the consortium. Google has a vested interest in advancing NFC technology. After all, their Wallet app for Android would be useless without it. Google Wallet allows consumers to tap their phone to an NFC enabled reader and wirelessly transfer funds straight to the vendor, making transactions quick and painless (on select handsets).
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Verizon announces Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy Stellar smartphone



If you own a Samsung Galaxy Stellar, you’re about to be in for some exciting news. Verizon has announced owners of the device are about to get an OTA notification indicating an extensive update is at hand. The update comes in at a hefty 400MB in size and not only brings items like network improvements, but it (finally) brings Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and all the standard Jelly Bean goodies like Google Now and an improved UI. Naturally the update is being rolled out in phases, so if you own the device and don’t see it right away just sit tight— it’s on the way and will be there sooner than later.

source: Verizon

Tablets to eat into smartphones’ share of mobile content usage by the end of 2013


We love market shares and usage statistics. The latest number crunching has to do with who consumes the most data and compares basic phones to smartphones to tablets. Since the rise of the smartphone, we’ve seen a constantly increasing usage of data on smartphones, hitting an extremely high 78 – 79% in 2011 and 2012. Most people would think that usage would continue to grow until feature phones are totally phased out, but it looks like tablets are coming in to grab up a bit of that usage share.
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Samsung’s Lee promotes Samsung Galaxy S IV plastic body


While many smartphone manufacturers pursue a strategy of trying to create a sense of premium-ness in their devices by using materials like aluminum, glass, or polycarbonate, Samsung continues to take a different path by creating plastic body devices. Considering the success that Samsung is enjoying, it is hard to argue with their design decision which will result in the new Samsung Galaxy S IV using the same material. In Samsung’s defense, they have solid reasons for using the plastic material as revealed in an interview with Y.H. Lee, Samsung’s executive vice president of its mobile division.
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Latest Android Distribution Reveals Gingerbread Down 1.4% and Jelly Bean Up 3.2%


Use of Android is constantly evolving and the latest distribution data shows Gingerbread on devices is down while use of Jelly Bean is up 3.2 percent. This news comes just one month after our last reported findings. To Android enthusiasts’ dismay however, Gingerbread is still on the majority of devices at 44.2 percent. Here are the latest stats:

  • 2.3 Gingerbread – 44.2 percent
  • 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – 28.6 percent
  • 4.1 and 4.2 Jelly Bean – 16.5 percent
  • 2.2 Froyo – 7.6 percent
  • 2.1 Eclair – 1.9 percent
  • 3.1 and 3.2 Honeycomb – 1.2 percent
  • 1.6 Donut – 0.2 percent
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Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy S IV turns out to be placeholder from Expansys


Yesterday the ‘net was abuzz with news of an alleged image of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV based on a tweet from normally stalwart source @evleaks. As happens when dealing with rumors and leaks though, every now and then something turns out to be completely bogus. That is what has happened in the case of the leaked images of the Galaxy S IV. Online retailer Expansys has revealed they were the original source of the image which was created as a placeholder by one of their web designers.

The episode has turned into a bit of a nasty affair as Expansys has suggested @evleaks actually stole the image and added the watermark to it. Sources indicate that @evleaks maintains the image came in via normal channels and was not stolen. While the dust settles, Expansys has been active on Twitter trying to follow-up all the retweets with directions to the correct source of the image. Meanwhile, it appears @evleaks has deleted the original tweet and has been quiet about the matter on Twitter.

How will you treat leaks from @evleaks in the future? Do they get a mulligan on this one or have then severely damaged their reputation?

source: TechCrunch

China is Worried Over Google’s Control in Smartphone Industry


“China”, just hearing the word projects images of grandeur and power. So what, you might ask, would make such a powerful country worry outside of the next world war?  In a word, GOOGLE! The search engine, tablet, smartphone, and mobile operating system powerhouse is really drawing a lot of attention from the big dogs overseas.

When Google does things, they do it big, no matter what the venture might be…and the world is taking notice. China is said to be worried that Google may be a little too big for their britches. China’s Technology Ministry has stated that Google has too much control over their smartphone industry via their Android operating system and that they discriminate against China’s local firms.
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