Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S 5 finally get root method


Verizon and AT&T did an excellent job of locking down their version of the Galaxy S 5, preventing any type of root exploit on the device for several months after release. Tons of people put up money for a bounty to get their Galaxy S 5 unlocked, topping out at around $18,000, and today developer Geohot from XDA gets to claim that bounty.

Geohot, known for tons of jailbreak exploits on Apple devices and the PS3, found a vulnerability in the Linux kernel that Android is based on to achieve root access on the GS 5. As a side effect to that exploit, the root method should work on most newer Android devices, including the previously unrootable Galaxy Note 3 and plenty of other devices.

If you’ve got a Galaxy S 5 (or other device you need to root) hit the link to test out the Towelroot app. Let us know how it goes in the comments.

source: XDA Developers

Here are the top functions and apps available on Android that are NOT on iOS

android ios

Because there are so many different Android devices (and so many variants of those individual devices), developers tend to begin programming their apps on iOS before putting together the resources (and endless hours) to begin porting their creations to Android.

Developing for Android is an arduous task, and Google knows it. That’s why the company will soon be making a concerted effort to streamline the development process. Google has also pushed manufacturers/carriers to stay as close to stock Android as possible by criticizing bloatware and OEM custom skins. But with different phones running different processors, having different amounts of RAM, different screen sizes/resolutions, etc., it’s tough to make sure an app will work seamlessly across the platform, no matter what Google does to ease the process. Android’s vast device offering can be seen as a major strength (and something that has led the platform to be an industry leader in market share) but it’s also been a weakness from the development side.

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Verizon said to be getting Sony Xperia Z2 with LTE-Advanced support


We have heard about Verizon adding Sony’s Xperia Z2 to its lineup for quite some time. The device has even appeared in an image posted by Sony. Even after so much time going by since the device’s launch worldwide, it is going to still make its way to Verizon.. with a twist. According to @evleaks, a Xperia Z2 with LTE-Advanced support has to be certified and tested before arriving. The model number is D6503, codename “Sony Sirius Viv,” and is set to arrive in the middle of the next quarter.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

Android 4.4.3 update causing bugs with a multitude of Nexus devices


Experiencing problems with the Android 4.4.3 update on your Nexus device? You are not alone. While just about every Nexus device with the update is being affected by bugs, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have apparently been hit the hardest. Issues being reported included WiFi connection drops and lagging within the Dialer app. The Nexus 4’s rebooting issue has even returned despite supposedly being fixed with the update. The Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are also experiencing issues in the form of battery life and notification woes.

Hopefully Google moves quickly and releases a patch or promises some changes with the next version of Android. That could be a long wait, though, as Google I/O is just over one week away. Some of these issues are not minor.

Source: Android Origin
Via: AndroidSPIN

TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for June 9 – June 15, 2014


We are only a little over a week away from Google I/O, and the rumors are flying. Google might just unveil an answer to Apple’s Healthkit, but expect a heavy dose of Android Wear. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab S. A very nice display, but did Samsung release too many tablets this year? Amazon will finally announce a smartphone this week. Will it make an impact? Can T-Mobile continue to shake things up with Un-carrier 5.0? It’s time to get caught up and get ready for what is sure to be another exciting week in the world of Android.


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Logitech announces Type-S keyboard accessory for recently unveiled Galaxy Tab S

Check out the all new Galaxy Tab S series accessories

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T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 5.0 strategy to entail simplified, tax-included pricing


Everyone hates taxes. They are just about everywhere and the consumer has to always take into account this extra expense. And more often than not, taxes still surprise the consumer when making a purchase. With T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier 5.0 phase, that is all going to change.

At the June 18 event, which moved from Los Angeles to Seattle, T-Mobile is going to be unveiling simplified pricing. The carrier is going to be altering all post-paid customers bills to represent a price that includes all taxes and fees. Carrier bills are a complete mess right now and T-Mobile is aiming to clean it up.

Source: Phone Arena

YouTube app now includes 480p and 1080p streaming quality options


Need to boost your streaming quality when using the YouTube application? Or even lower the streaming quality? Now you can. The YouTube app now lets you choose exactly what resolution to stream content in. From the start, all devices are set to ‘Auto’ with other options sitting behind the scenes (or the cog within the app). There were a few options already but it topped out at 720p. YouTube has raised the maximum to 1080p and added a low 480p as an additional option.

The new streaming quality options do not seem to be through an update in the Play Store. Instead, it could be something YouTube hit the switch on. If it is from an update, we have the download links after the break. Read more

Samsung to update Galaxy S 5 to Android 4.4.3 this month, Galaxy S 4 next month


Last month, Samsung was in the ‘integrating’ phase of pushing Android 4.4.3 to the Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 4. An alleged status report from June 10 shows that testing has been completed for the Galaxy S 5. The Galaxy S 4, though, is still in the ‘final testing’ phase. For this year’s Samsung flagship, the Android 4.4.3 update is expected to arrive sometime this month. Last year’s device is slated to get the latest version of Android in July.

Being that this is just an alleged status report, do not hold anything to it. Also, carriers in the United States tend to take a bit longer to push these updates to their devices. So sit tight and enjoy the weather.

Source: Android Geeks