You can now easily correct a misheard word in Google Now with “no I said” command

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Has Google Now ever misheard a word you meant to say?

Chances are, it has. Although the service is pretty damn accurate, it’s still a developing technology and has a ways to go before being perfect. Google knows its product isn’t perfect, and in addition to improving voice recognition in Google Search, it has now added a “no I said ___” command for when the app mishears something you said.

Samsung working with Oculus VR for its Gear VR headset coming in September


Rather than going into a new space alone, Samsung is going to be working with someone that is very familiar with virtual reality. The device will be called Gear VR and Samsung is solely in charge of developing its hardware. On the software site, though, Oculus VR is pitching in. This allows Samsung to not go in blindly to a field without any experience. As it does with all of its devices, Samsung will launch apps itself and provide an SDK for developers after Gear VR’s announcement. And when will that announcement come? Alongside the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014 in September.

Motorola site’s source code reveals the Moto 360 could be available in silver


Although the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are the starters for Android Wear, it seems that just about everyone is waiting for the Moto 360. The Motorola smartwatch, which is slated for a release this summer, is expected to carry a hefty price tag. But the reason for that is the build quality. The aforementioned smartwatches from LG and Samsung feature plastic, which no doubt keeps costs down. So it is no surprise that the source code on Motorola’s site for the Moto 360 reveals that the smartwatch would be available in silver (and we do not mean the color).

Considering it will likely be available through Moto Maker, Motorola has the opportunity to offer different materials to vary the cost of entry. Some people may be fine with plastic and choose to do so at a low price. And others may want something premium, that is where the metal and silver designs come in. Motorola could be aiming to serve a broad audience.

Source: SmarterWatching

Samsung plant in Brazil hit by robbers in $6 Million heist


No, this is not a case of life imitating art as The Brazilian Job, a sequel to The Italian Job, was never made and Croker’s crew prided themselves on not using guns. Samsung found itself the target of a massive heist of equipment at a plant located in São Paulo, Brazil on Monday as armed robbers made off with what was initially reported as R$80 million ($36M USD) worth of notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Samsung has since revised that estimate down to R$13.2 million ($6M USD). According to reports, approximately 20 men armed with submachine guns made up the crew that hit the factory. The incident occurred during normal business hours while about 200 employees were working on the site. Apparently most of the employees continued to work, although a few were taken hostage.

Flopsy Droid bounces onto Android Wear devices


You probably thought Android Wear devices would not be a good form factor for playing games. If the game is simple enough that may not be true. For example, developer Sebastian Mauer has released an “inspired” game called Flopsy Droid for Android Wear devices. Hit the break to check out some screen shots showing how a flying Droid can be piloted through a series of obstacles. If you are lucky enough to already have an Android Wear device, you can use the download links to grab this free game.

LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live get the iFixit teardown treatment


Although smartwatches should not be subject to typical smartphones risks like being dropped, they will still be subject to a host of new hazards like users accidentally bumping up against tables or counters, knocking them into sinks, and other not healthy for tech situations. Their small size should help them when it comes to durability, but inevitably some people will find their devices need to be repaired. To save a few dollars, some of those individuals will decide to undertake repairs themselves. The team over at iFixit has run a couple new Android Wear devices through their teardown process to get an idea of how hard or easy that may be.

LG talks G3 design in latest video


It’s become a trend for manufacturers to release a video discussing what their thought process was in the design for each of their flagships. The LG G3 might not be as high quality as the HTC One (M8), but its design is simple yet attractive.

LG’s goal with the G3 was to increase the display size but try to keep the overall device size around the same as the G2. Not to mention, pack more features like a bigger battery, OIS+, dual flash, and laser focus. The G3 is made of plastic, but the metalic finish gives is a premium feel that you don’t get with other plasticy phones, ahem…Samsung.

Hit the break to see the video.

Google Now voice media controls incoming


It looks like some people are enjoying voice controls for media that is currently playing as part of Google Now. So far the only commands available are “Next Song” and “Stop”, but we can only assume more options like “pause” will be added when it’s officially released. It appears that only a a few people have it now which means the full rollout could happen within the next few weeks.

You can easily check to see if you have it. Just say “OK Google,  Next Song” and you will see the screenshot at the top left if the update has been pushed to your device. If not, you will see the top right screenshot and you will hear, “Media controls are not supported on this device.” It’s also weird that you need to tap your device in order to play the next song. Hopefully that will change.

You can see a video of this in action by jumping past the break.

ZTE unveils the nubia Z7, nubia Z7 max, and nubia Z7 mini


Sony wasn’t the only one to introduce a new phone today as ZTE also had a few tricks up their sleeve. They just unveiled the nubia Z7, the nubia Z7 max, and the nubia Z7 mini.

The nubia Z7 (pictured above) is clearly the flagship here with its 5.5-inch Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) display, quad-core Snapdragon 801, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, microSD slot for expanded storage, 13 MP rear camera with OIS, 5 MP front-facing camera, dual-SIM capability, and 3,000 mAh battery. It will sell for €410 ($550)

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for July 7, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


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Gmail adds support for 13 new languages, covering 94% of the internet’s languages

LG releases and details G Pad 10.1, including specs and new software features


LG had detailed their recently announced G Pad 10.1, including what software features it’s going to borrow from the G3 and the hardware that powers the 10-inch tablet. Unfortunately, the hardware doesn’t match what you’ll find in the G3, but many of the best software features are present.

The tablet will come preloaded with “the best of the G Series premium UX,” including Touch and Shoot camera and selfie gestures, the G3’s smart keyboard, and dual-window mode for taking advantage of the larger 10-inch screen. We’ll also see the new QPair 2.0, which can sync up the G Pad with your phone and see all of your calls and texts on your tablet without ever touching your phone, and KnockOn, which is one of the coolest security features on LG’s products.