Setting reminders with Google Now just got a little easier


Earlier this week, we learned that you can easily set a timer using Google Now, but there is one other new feature to fill you in on. Well it’s partially new. You could already set a reminder with Google Now, but it just got a little easier.

With the latest update, you can do it all with your voice. Before, you could only make the request with your voice, and you had to confirm things with your fingers, as in tapping. Now you can simply say “yes” or “set” to confirm Google’s interpretation of your request.

source: TheNextWeb

Motorola Modality Services now updateable through Play Store

motorola_modality_services_screenshot_1 motorola_modality_services_screenshot_2Motorola has now opened up Motorola Modality Services to be updated through the Google Play Store, just like it did with Contextual Services. While this app sounds kind of dull, it could prove to be useful, helping your device respond in the right way to motion and position.

This app essentially allows your phone to know when it’s coming out of your pocket, when it’s on a desk, and so on. Other processes rely on this service, so keeping it updated helps your phone operate at its peak level. Hit the break for the Play Store download link.

Several new features for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 currently being tested


According to sources, Samsung is testing a variety of new features for the forthcoming Galaxy Note 4 slated to be released later this year. The features include “Swipe to launch Motion Launcher”, “Aqua Capture”, “Multi Network for Booster”, and “Smart Fingerprint.” Apparently Samsung is already working on these different features using a Samsung Galaxy S 5 running Android 4.4.3 as the test unit.

New teaser videos from LG give us an official look at the LG G3


As we head into a long holiday weekend ahead of LG’s launch event for the LG G3, the company has released some videos on their Korean YouTube channel to tease the device. If all of the leaked images have left you wondering how accurate they may be, you may want to check out these official shots of the device. The most telling of the videos is the one highlighting the design of the LG G3 as it provides a nice shot of the device. The other two videos highlight the G3’s QHD display and the camera, although there is not much to tell from the videos.

You can check out all three videos after the break.

Hisense H6 Smart TV finally hits the market, available for less than $700


Way back in December of last year, Hisense unveiled the H6 Smart TV that was powered by Android 4.2.2. Today, that very same television finally has been given a price tag and put out on the open market. In addition to this, Hisense is still packing Android 4.2.2 here. The display is 55 inches and the price tag is fairly decent at “under $700 at select Walmart stores nationwide.” After glancing over at Walmart’s website, the price tag is sitting around $650.

Being that this is a smart TV, you can consume all of the media you would like. Or you can just pay $35 and pick up a Chromecast or even a $99 Amazon Fire TV. But if you are indeed in the market for a new television and would like the ease and comfort of it being always connected, take a look at Hisense’s latest offering.

Hit the break for the full press release.

Mid-range LG G Pro 2 Lite for Verizon spotted at FCC


If the forthcoming LG G3 is not quite large enough for you and LG’s super-sized LG G Pro 2 is more than you want to spend on a smartphone, then LG’s G Pro 2 Lite may be what you are looking for. The LG G Pro 2 Lite is a mid-range device that ratchets down virtually every spec compared to the top-tier device. The G Pro 2 Lite was recently spotted in the FCC database on its way to Verizon. Sprint and AT&T versions of the device are expected as well.

Encased LG G3 T-Mobile developer edition photos leak


We’ve already seen a ton of leaks of the LG G3, so what could another few pictures hurt? The latest pics show off the device in a “lunchboxed” case that is supposedly to help keep the design of the device from leaking. If this was one of the first leaks we’d seen, that might help, but with the G3 leaking at least once a week, we’ve already seen just about everything there is to see about it.

IFTTT adds eBay and Netatmo Weather Station to its lineup


IFTTT, the app that automates smartphone or tablet tasks, now has an eBay channel. With a channel connected to eBay, users can collect information about what they are searching for and basically have it exported to another service. Some of the examples IFTTT notes are sending results from searches to yourself in an email, Pushbullet, Drive, and OneNote. For the Drive command, a spreadsheet is automatically composed and OneNote makes a page with your results.

Another addition, while smaller, is commands involving a rain gauge with a Netatmo Weather Station. With this, IFTTT will send you email results for rainfall measurements.

Source: IFTTT Blog

LG G3 benchmark leaks but does not show any performance figures


This should give you a good, confident feeling regarding the specifications of the LG G3. This AnTuTu benchmark leaked earlier this morning. It does not show any sort of performance figures, but it certainly shows us some specifications. We will go down the list in order.

No surprise here that LG will be utilizing Android 4.4 at the center of its own user interface. You can see LG has added a multitasking button rather than oddly omitting like last year. Next up is the processing for this beast. It is quad-core and has an Adreno 330 GPU, but we just do not know whether or not Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 or 805 is here. The display, as we have heard many times before, will have QHD resolution (2560×1440) and the full size of the leaked screenshot above reflects that. Camera? 13MP and it presumably keeps the G2’s optical image stabilization technology.

Source: @evleaks (official site)

Allcast gets support


Koush just released an update to Allcast that should make gaming nerds happy. The latest update adds support to the app allowing everyone to watch gaming on either their Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku or whichever device is sporting the Allcast Receiver. DLNA isn’t supported however. On top of this welcomed addition, Koush has squashed numerous Roku bugs. Look for the update in the Play Store and as always, we have a QR and download link after the break. Enjoy!

Galaxy Note 4 rumored to release on September 3


According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 4 will continue the trend of a September announcement/release. Insiders believe that Samsung will release the device on September 3 with invites for the Unpacked event going out sometime mid-August.

Typically the Galaxy Note is a beast on the hardware front and the Note 4 is rumored to not disappoint in that aspect. Rumors have the large device (5.7-inch QHD screen with a 1440×2560 resolution and a ppi of 515) packing 3GB of RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor. The 16 MP ISOCELL sensor that’s in the S 5 will be in the Note 4 as well, but with Optical Image Stabilization. We would expect that the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor that was added to the S 5 will make it to the Note 4 as well. We wouldn’t be surprised if the S Pen gets improved support as well.

New leaked video shows Galaxy S 5 Active having 5.2-inch screen


The Galaxy S 5 Active has made an appearance in a video that was shared by TK Tech News. What we can see from the video is that the screen on the device is in fact 5.2-inches at a 1080p resolution with a 480 ppi. The man making the video suggests that the Active has the IP58 certification. Just like the Sony Xperia Z2, the Active is able to sit under water for more than 30 minutes. Other than that, there isn’t much to see. There’s still no indication on when we’ll see the Active but it will probably be sooner rather than later with all the leaks we’re seeing. We have the ┬áminute and a half video for you after the break.

Google’s Project Tango on its way to an upcoming tablet

Project Tango

Google’s Project Tango has shown a lot of promise in its abilities to handle advanced vision capabilities , and it appears that Tango will be appearing on an upcoming tablet this year.

Google is planning to produce roughly 4,000 prototype Project Tango tablets to distribute to developers next month. The tablets will feature a 7-inch screen, two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software that can capture precise 3D images of objects.