Teaser video for Rovio Stars’ Tiny Thief released


Rovio Stars, a new third-party shop under the wings of Rovio, announced yesterday that they would be releasing their first game, Tiny Thief, on July 11th. Following up on that announcement, a teaser video was released today that gives us a look at some of the gameplay we can expect. The game’s developer, 5Ants, has brought a Rovio look and feel to the title, though it does not appear to involve any flicking or flinging of objects on screen. Instead, users will have to use their brains to solve puzzles and find hidden objects as they work their way through thirty different stages. Hit the break to view the video.
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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for July 9, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Teaser video for Rovio Stars’ Tiny Thief released


T-Mobile could announce ‘Anytime Upgrades’ plan tomorrow


Google brings back phone calls to Hangouts


Images of Huawei Honor 3 hint at mid-range device with a little extra

Leaked video, images of LG Optimus G2 hit the Internet

Rumor: Motorola set to launch European variant of the X Smartphone in Q4, will give it Nexus-esque pricing in the process

Latest Motorola X leak shows a dual-SIM variant is likely on the way
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Google brings back phone calls to Hangouts


When Google made the move earlier this year to start consolidating all of their communication platforms to the Hangouts app, one feature that went missing was the ability to include phone calls as part of a Hangout. In response to user demand, Google announced today that they have brought that feature back to the desktop versions of Gmail, Google+ and the Chrome extension. Possibly due to the negative vibes created by removing the feature, Google not only brought the feature back, they have improved the calling features by making calls to U.S. or Canadian numbers free.
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Images of Huawei Honor 3 hint at mid-range device with a little extra


Some new images of Huawei’s forthcoming mid-range device, the Huawei Honor 3, reveal a couple features that may help the device set itself apart from other competitors. First, as one of the leaked photos indicates, the device will be waterproof, although we do not know to what extent. This implies the device will be dustproof as well. Another image shows what appears to be an infrared blaster similar to those found in high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 or the HTC One
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Amazon to revamp Kindle Fire line with higher resolution displays and new design


After the tablet craze started, Amazon jumped and and built a solid tablet lineup with the Kindle Fire, which is still one of the most dominant Android tablets in the market today, and according to BGR Amazon is going to make some major improvements to their tablets by the end of the year to stay competitive. There will be three new tablets to replace current models on the market, which includes the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series of tablets now available nationwide



In case you’ve forgotten— the latest additions to the Samsung Galaxy Tab family are officially here with the arrival of the full Galaxy Tab 3 series of tablets. While each tablet model bears an uncanny resemblance to the Galaxy S 4 per se, the new tablets come in 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch varieties— allowing for topnotch flexibility for a wide range of customers by including items such as a built-in IR blaster and expandable memory up to 64GB for each model. Oh and Sammy went ahead and tossed in some nice goodies for added measure:

“In addition, each of the devices in the Galaxy Tab 3 family comes with added value through pre-loaded content and Galaxy Perks available at www.samsung.com/us/galaxyperks. Specifically, hundreds of dollars’ worth of content, including a $10 voucher for the purchase of apps, books, movies and music in Google Play; one year of free access to the Boingo Wi-Fi network in North America, including more than 35,000 hotspots in the United States, Canada and Mexico; three months free Hulu Plus service; and two years free Dropbox Service with 50GB storage space.”

Don’t think all of the cool content will cost you a pretty penny either. Samsung is offering some pretty competitive pricing too as the tablets are priced at $199, $299 and $399, respectively, so the Korean giant is placing a bet that all that nice content and freebies will be enough to woo in customers by the masses.

More deets can be found once you hit the break and check out the full press release.

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Sony Smartwatch 2 UK availability pushed back until September


Originally, Clove in the UK listed Sony’s brand new smartwatch with a July 15th availability despite Sony saying the smartwatch would be available later in the year. Now Clove has moved that July 15th date back a few weeks to September 9th, claiming the original information they received from Sony was incorrect. It’s kind of a “he said, she said” situation, but at least that gives everyone a little more time to preorder the device. And anyone on the fence about preordering one will definitely have a better look at the smartwatch at IFA, which is that same week that the device is slated to go on sale.

source: Android Central

T-Mobile could announce ‘Anytime Upgrades’ plan tomorrow


T-Mobile has a little event tomorrow which is widely believed to be phase 2 of the UNCarrier plan as well as the Sony Xperia Z and Nokia Lumia 925.  What is phase 2 of the UNCarrier plan going to entail? Well TMONews uncovered a survey that T-Mobile conducted with some of their customers back in February and the goal was to find out if they would be interested in the ability to upgrade more often. This is actually something CNet also hinted at back in March. The plan would allow customers the ability to upgrade anytime with a possible limit of twice per year. It would also require a membership fee.

If T-Mobile does in fact unveil something like this, it will sure give them yet another edge over Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Unfortunately their overall coverage is still lacking.

It will be interesting to see what the fee will be and if this will end up more of a money maker for T-Mobile rather than an advantage for the consumer. How many people will actually sign up for it, but “forget” to upgrade. I know our readers won’t “forget”, but imagine T-Mobile sales associates pushing this plan on mainstream consumers. I can see a lot of people signing up, but never bothering with the upgrades.

source: TMONews

Google releases patch to fix Bluebox security threat, users await OEMs and carriers for updates


Last week we told you about a new security threat that was uncovered by Bluebox. It was actually uncovered several months ago and Google was informed about it in February. At the time of the posting, Google didn’t make a comment, but it appears Google did indeed patch the hole back in March.

Gina Scigliano, Google’s Android Communications Manager, did “confirm that a patch has been provided to our partners – some OEMs, like Samsung, are already shipping the fix to the Android devices.”

There is only one problem. The patch is in the hands of the OEMs and it’s up to them to update devices. Anyone want to take a guess as to how long it will take for all Android devices to receive the update? Have no fear because there hasn’t been one case of the exploit taking place. Google regularly scans the Play Store for such things and nothing has popped up.

source: ZDNet